The boy with the eyes

Hazel James is your average 15 year old girl. She has never been that outgoing type. She doesn't really care what others think of her, and she HATES makeup! When she moves to Nashville, Tennessee, she meets a boy.


2. finding out

 * pew pew pew* i hear the sound of a gun! I run out of my room. I run to Dylan's room to make sure he's ok. " DIE! DIE! DIE!!!" I  hear my brother shout to the TV. "seriously Dylan??!! I thought it was a real gun! turn the volume down please!" i leave and go to my room. I hear the sound of a car door closing. I go out to my balcony and see my dad. I run to Dylans room again  , "Dads home!!" he pauses his game and we both rush down stairs to greet him when he comes through the door. " So what happened?" i ask eagerly. He shakes his head. " Kids. We have to move." My face automatically droops down. My brother turns around and runs his fingers through his bushy brown hair. " Are u serious?" He nods. I knew this was gonna happen but i didn't think it would actually happen, if that even makes any sense. 

*a week later.*

I take one more good look at my bare and empty bedroom. This is the house i grew up in. This is where all of my memories are of mom. I don't just wanna leave it all behind. I got to my brothers room and see him in the corner crying. HE is sobbing into his hands. I rush over to him and sit nest to him. " Its ok Dylan. We will be fine." I sush him and try to assure him but he just keeps on sobbing. " I just don't want to leave. This is the only place where i feel like mom is sill alive. I can't just leave her stranded in an empty house!" Hearing my 8 year old brother say this just breaks my heart. " Dylan Look at me." I cup my hands in his face and look into his blue, swelled up eyes " mom is never gonna be alone. and u will always have her right here." I touch his heart. " She will move with us. She will be with us every step of the way through this crazy journey that we are about to take. She will be able to see nana and papa and aunt diane. We may not know she's there but she will be with us. Now come on. Lets go start a new adventure." 

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