Babysitter Life

I, Lily Green, Hear by promise to be the best babysitter for Skylynn Grier I can be. Her and her cuteness is in my hands and she must be kept safe....At least until her brother gets back. --- Nash is on tour for a whole month and the Griers' need a babysitter for their little Vine princess. That's were Lily comes in. Smart, young, and naive Lily takes the job as their babysitter. There was no big reason! She just needed the money. With her 16th birthday coming up and no big time jobs coming her way Lily takes the first one and rolls with it. Little does she know what just might come along on her baby sitting adventures.


9. The Park and Blake.



Lily's POV

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and a snoring Skylynn cuddled up to my chest. I smiled at her and kissed her head gently before sneaking away into my room. When I got to my room I did my daily routine, got dressed, and then headed downstairs to start making breakfast. Today I planned to take Sky to the ark so i wore a maroon long sleeve crop top (It was windy today), black shorts, white suspenders, and by white converse. After I did my hair, put on a beanie, and grabbed my bag and phone I was ready to go. As I walked down stairs I noticed something was off. I smelled food and I heard multiple feminine voices. 

I rushed downstairs and walked into the family room to see a not so pretty sight. Nash was lounging on the couch with 3 girls hanging off of him. All of them looked super slutty and it seemed like their chest was gonna spill out of their shirts. Nash was smirking while they all giggled like school girls. A scowl was placed firm on my face and no one had noticed me until Sky came down. She looked up at me, still sleepy, and said in a cute little voice, 

    "Miss Lily? I'm hungry. Can we eat?" 

I looked at her adoringly while Nash and the bimbo's' heads turned our way. 

    "Sure thing, Sky blue. I think Carter is making pancakes!" 

Sky hopped up and down excitedly at that. We raced each other into the kitchen, but not before I gave Nash an accusing look. 


Sky and I arrived at the park quickly after breakfast, with Carter tagging along behind us. When we did get there Sky dashed for the slide. Carter and I sat quietly and watched her play until Carter grabbed my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. 

   "I saw Nash this morning with those chicks." 

He said aloud as I placed my head on his shoulder. Carter and I had always been close and so now that we sat and talked it felt like nothing had changed and we were still at our summer programs, chatting like it was a normal day. As we sat and talked we zoned everything else in the world out. It was only Carter and I and I enjoyed it that way, it was peaceful. The thing that snapped us out of our bubble was Skylynn jumping up and down and screaming, 

    "Ice cweam! Ice cweam!" 

I laughed at her bubbly attitude and Carter just smiled. As we were all about to get up, Carter stopped us. 

    "I'll get it for you. Strawberry shortcake is still your favorite right, Lily?" 

I smiled at him and nodded, pleased that he still knew my favorite ice cream. As Carter walked to the truck, Sky ran back to the swings to regain her rightful place, leaving me all alone. I thought about everything and tried to processes this whole week when a being placed it self next to me and went right into licking my face. I giggled as I pushed the familiar dog away and petted its soft fur. I knew this dog and I worried just slightly when I thought of the owner, but just pushed that thought away. 

      "Bone! Bone! Bone, What did I say about attacking people at the park!" 

Speak of the devil. Racing my way was my ex boyfriend, Blake O'Ryan. Blake is quarterback of the football team and we had met when I started cheerleading, freshman year. We dated up until May of junior year, 2 months ago. He dumped me for Whitney Lincoln, the head cheerleader. I saw him gradually slow down as he saw who his dog, Bone, was attacking. Blake tried to whistle him over but Bone just sat down on my lap and whimpered a little. I had always loved this dog. 

    "Hey, Lily."

Blake uttered while rubbing the back of his neck. 

    "Blake." I acknowledged.   

He coughed awkwardly as he sat beside me on the bench. We sat quietly for a couple of minutes and I questioned what was taking Carter so long. After a while Blake spoke. 

  "Look. Lily, I was really stupid for ever dumping you. Whitney and I were over as soon as I realized how much better you are compared to her. I was so stupid for ever even thinking of letting you go! I just think you should give us one more chance. We dated for 2 and a half years Lily and...I love-" 

Blake's rant was cut short when Carter finally returned with a fuming Nash a few steps behind. I blushed bright red once I noticed them because of the compromising situation we were in. Blake had one hand on my left knee and the other one on my cheek. My eyes were wide and my lips were slightly parted. 

      "Blake. We may have used to been best friends but I advise you to move away from Lily." 

Carter's eyes were cold and hard. The only ever time I had seen him like this was when he was helping me cope with the harsh break up. I was a mess after that day...I spent weeks locked in my room until Carter helped me through it. 




Please don't kill me. I know I am a horrible person for not updating in like..a month? 2 months? It's been so long that I forgot. I just kinda got a little discouraged because you guys weren't being as interactive and all my school work has been piling up. Not to mention I'm in soooooo many clubs in order to get credit. I may not be able to update as often but I promise I will always update when i have free time. 








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