Babysitter Life

I, Lily Green, Hear by promise to be the best babysitter for Skylynn Grier I can be. Her and her cuteness is in my hands and she must be kept safe....At least until her brother gets back. --- Nash is on tour for a whole month and the Griers' need a babysitter for their little Vine princess. That's were Lily comes in. Smart, young, and naive Lily takes the job as their babysitter. There was no big reason! She just needed the money. With her 16th birthday coming up and no big time jobs coming her way Lily takes the first one and rolls with it. Little does she know what just might come along on her baby sitting adventures.


4. One Condition


Lily's POV 

"Excuse you, but I've been promised a job here all summer!" 

Nash shook his head and chuckled lightly. Why, if I could just smack the smirk off his gorgeous face. 

"Not anymore sweetheart."

Why was he back anyway? He was supposed to be gone! I can't just be jobless all summer either. His smirk was annoying me now. I began to like Sky and I think she liked me too!! A voice interrupted our silent stare off.

"Bah Nashy!!! I like Miss Lily." 

Nash looked at Skylynn who stood at his feet tugging his shirt. His eyes noticeably softened and he picked up Sky, propping her on his waist. It was so cute. 

"Fine. Miss Lily can stay on one condition."

Can his ego get any bigger? I think it might explode like a balloon soon if it does. 

"Oh god, what would that be?" 

I asked him with so much sarcasm, I think I could steal Squidward's job. 

"Go on a date with me tonight." 

And up goes his ego!


After agreeing to go on a date with Lord bighead I walked upstairs to get ready. I begged Nash to tell me where we are going, but he only disclaimed that I should dress causal. 

I dressed in a beige crop top that had a colorful feather on it and the words 'Free Spirit'. I wore washed out, high-waisted shorts and finally beige low flat heel - obviously lace up- oxfords. The outfit was casual but dressy at the same time, making it so that it was impossible for me to be over or under dressed. 


For my hair I out it in a fishtail braid with a gold head band on top. I decided to wear my glasses for the simple fact I needed to restock on contacts. I put on gold heart earrings and a feather charm necklace to finish off the look. (Link to outfit in bottom) 

I walked down stairs and found Nash standing by the door in khaki shorts and a polo shirt, matching everything together with his signature vans. His hair was natural but obviously brushed a bit. 

 “Shall we go, My Lady?”

I smiled and replied with “Yes, My good sir.” He laughed and led me out to the car, right after I grabbed my flower bead picnic bag. He led me out to his Jeep and we drove off. 

Hey guys!!! I know, I took forever to update!! SO, I WOULD REALLLLYYYYYY APPRECIATE IF YOU GUYS TOOK A LOOK AT MY NEWEST BOOK ANGEL OF THE WOLVES!!! I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!! Next update is next week. Enjoy your summer!!! :)


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