Babysitter Life

I, Lily Green, Hear by promise to be the best babysitter for Skylynn Grier I can be. Her and her cuteness is in my hands and she must be kept safe....At least until her brother gets back. --- Nash is on tour for a whole month and the Griers' need a babysitter for their little Vine princess. That's were Lily comes in. Smart, young, and naive Lily takes the job as their babysitter. There was no big reason! She just needed the money. With her 16th birthday coming up and no big time jobs coming her way Lily takes the first one and rolls with it. Little does she know what just might come along on her baby sitting adventures.


2. Home Of the Grier's

Lily's POV


The door opened and before me stood the cutest little girl I have ever seen. She looked at me strangely with her head cocked to the side and a curious look in her blue eyes. "Are you Miss Lily? Daddy said not to let you in unless you're Miss Lily." I smiled at her sweetly and nodded my head. "I am Miss Lily. If you want I can give you my ID to prove it." I joked with her. She stared at me for a moment before saying in her cute accent, "License and registration please." I laughed and gave her my driver license. She looked it over and then gave a big grin. "Follow me!"


Me and the small girl - which I figured was Skylynn- walked through the hallway into a large, bright room. Based on the decor it seemed like the family room. On the couch sat a boy that looked my age and an older man. I guessed it was her family. "Hello." I called out in order to get their attention. They both looked at me with quick glances, the boys eyes even widened a bit. The man gestured to little Skylynn and she skipped over to him. "Yes daddy?" She asked sweetly. "Why don't you go show Miss Lily to her room, then we can get some ice cream together and I can tell you all the surprise."  He told her. Skylynn nodded quickly and skipped out the door, I followed her briskly. She went up the stairs and rounded a corner. I caught up with her just as she stopped in front of an all white door with purple butterfly stickers on it and a plaque that had "Miss Lily" on it. I laughed at the nickname Skylynn had already given me. 

Skylynn opened the door and ushered me inside. The room was large and had striped blue walls. The large queen sized bed had a floral sheet design and the pillows had - once again- purple butterflies on them. Aligning the walls were posters of bands and singers. One poster over my bed had a guitar on it and said

             "Guitar Players have special emotions- Acoustic, Electric, and Acoustic Electric"

The closet was a large walk in closet with shelves for shoes and filled with a bunch of clothes. I was shocked momentarily at all the silky fabrics and designers items. Did they buy all of this for me or...? "Most of this is newly bought but some of it is from Mahogany. She had a lot of colorful clothes." I smiled at Skylynn and sat on the bed. So this is where everything starts. 


i'm so sorry i haven't updated! I have been so busy lately! I promise chapters will be more frequent! and i can't believe that i already have around 15 likes and I'm on 16 favorite list already! Thank you so much for the support! Check in next week for the next update! TOODLES! 


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