Babysitter Life

I, Lily Green, Hear by promise to be the best babysitter for Skylynn Grier I can be. Her and her cuteness is in my hands and she must be kept safe....At least until her brother gets back. --- Nash is on tour for a whole month and the Griers' need a babysitter for their little Vine princess. That's were Lily comes in. Smart, young, and naive Lily takes the job as their babysitter. There was no big reason! She just needed the money. With her 16th birthday coming up and no big time jobs coming her way Lily takes the first one and rolls with it. Little does she know what just might come along on her baby sitting adventures.



Guys...I blame my laptop! 


I had a beautifully written chapter, one of the longest I have written on here with so much detail and emotion and laptop shut off. It blinked like one or two times then..BLAM! Black Screen! 


I DIDN'T SAVE IT EITHER! *Sad, crying face* I promise I will rewrite it tomorrow after camp and I'm extra sorry for making you guys wait. SORRY!!!! 

See ya guys tomorrow! 


Lots Of Love,

                Lyla <3 

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