Babysitter Life

I, Lily Green, Hear by promise to be the best babysitter for Skylynn Grier I can be. Her and her cuteness is in my hands and she must be kept safe....At least until her brother gets back. --- Nash is on tour for a whole month and the Griers' need a babysitter for their little Vine princess. That's were Lily comes in. Smart, young, and naive Lily takes the job as their babysitter. There was no big reason! She just needed the money. With her 16th birthday coming up and no big time jobs coming her way Lily takes the first one and rolls with it. Little does she know what just might come along on her baby sitting adventures.


8. All The Pretty Little Horses

Lily's POV


"Lily Pad!" Carter yelled as I jumped into his arms. 

We hugged and I ginned real big. Carter and I were best friends in middle school. We met during our summer camps. I went to cheer camp and his baseball camp was right across the lake. When we had a bonfire on their side of the lake. We ended up hanging out more and more and we gradually became best friends. But then I moved here and I never heard from Carter again. 


"What are you doing here Lils?" Carter asked. 

"I'm Skylynn's baby sitter." 


"Yup. What are you doing here?"

"I work with Nash and them for a business called Magcon. We are all friends and kinda famous." 

"Oh haha."  

After that we all sat down and started talking. I got to know the guys and even heard Shawn sing (Which of course gave me chills). We watched a movie and then I had to go take care of Sky. I played with her all day and then I put her down for bed time. 

"Miss Lily?"

"Yes, Sky?"

"Can you sing me a song?" 

"'s passed your bed time."

"Just one. Pwease?" 


I thought of the lullaby my dad used to sing to me...the song that put me asleep for years. 

Hush-a-bye, Don't you cry

The song that would comfort me on stormy nights.

Go to sleep, my little baby

The song that drifted through my ears after a nightmare.

When you wake...You shall have

The song he sang to me the nights I was in the hospital with pneumonia.

All the pretty little horses

The song that he sang as I saw him pale and sick when he got the flu. 

Dapples and greys, pintos and bays

The song that he sang on his death bed, the last time I ever heard it. 

All the pretty little horses. 

As I sang the last line of the song I noticed Sky drift off to sleep. I wiped the tears that I hadn't even noticed began to fall and decided to sleep next to Sky. I climbed in next to her and held her little body tight, humming the song as I drifted into a dark, dreamless sleep. 


Hey Guys! I updated on time this week! Comment below if you know this song. I love reading your comments so keep them coming! They inspire me to write too. update is next Friday BUT I WILL UPDATE SOONER IF I GET TO 55 FAVORITE LISTS AND 30 COMMENTS! I WILL UPDATE TOMORROW IF I GET 500 READS!!!  The video for the lullaby is below check it out and see ya! 


Lily's PJ's -

The Magcon Boys-\





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