Biggest Mistake of my Life...(H.S. Fanfic)


1. "If I win..."

I was sitting at the bar,finishing my drink when I felt someone come up beside me."Hello beautiful.I guess your my compitition tonight,huh?",a raspy voice whispered in my ear.I turned in my seat to see Harry Styles standing there.Instantly,I began sizing him up."Yep,but I'm not to worried...I've beaten plenty of rookies...,"I said as I turned back to my drink."What makes you think I 'm a rookie,Salinas?",Harry said as he put his hands on my hips.I chuckled,put my arms around his neck,pulled him down and whispered in his ear,"Because EVERY rookie makes the mistake of touching me..."With that I started sucking on the skin where his jaw meets his neck,leaving red lipstick marks.He groaned and his head fell to my shoulder.After I let him go,he shuddered,lifted his head and looked me in the eyes,his green orbs sparkling like a thousand Jade pieces."I 'll make you a deal,Salinas...",he whispered hotly.

A/N:Hey guys!!!Thank for reading my fanfic.This chapter was longer than the next.If you like it and want me to post the next chapter I need 5 likes!!!Thanks Kats!!! Btw I call my fans Kats!!!

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