Isolation War

Elsa is a strong, talented, and rebellious 16 year old girl who is going to fight in war. But this war that she was going to fight in was no ordinary war. In that war there were such things as monsters and even dragons. The thing is that the world they lived in used mysterious powers called widow and that the monsters used that to kill her family. Fairies called Messengers said that she was able to get revenge on these monsters and since Elsa was one of those people who wants to get revenge, she joined to fight in the war. Elsa is now destined to slay the monsters with all of her life using the power widow.

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26. The Executives

I woke up the next morning to find myself in a great mood. I looked around the room and saw that Ana was talking to Ruby cheerfully at the table eating some soup and bread. She noticed me looking at her from my bed. She grinned widely and said, "Good morning, Elsa! How are you?" I stood up from my bed and tied it up how Patrcia had taught me. It was a bit painful to remember about her but it didn't change the fact that the hair style looked amazing. I started walking towards Ana while smiling. "Good morning, Ana and Ruby. I feel great, actually. How about you?" Ana grinned even more and replied "That's good to hear! I'm actually also doing great!" I sat down in the chair across from her. I cast a quick glance at Ruby. She was looking guilty. "Oh well. It's not really my business" I took a piece of bread from a small asked in between us and took a big bite from it. After 3 big bites of the bread, Ruby finally opened her mouth. "I'm really sorry for what I did yesterday! They were just orders from the executives!" I stopped eating the bread and so did Ana. I glanced at her from the side of my eyes. Ana just looked at her lap and said nothing. Ruby had a sick expression on her face. I finally opened my mouth and said  "Executives? What executives?" Ruby hesitated for a moment but then finally opened her mouth. "They're the ones that control everybody on this side of the land." I was confused. So I demanded for an answer in a rough tone. "What do you mean by on this side of the land?" Ruby's expression looked really distressed now, but she kept on talking anyways. "There are 3 'lands' in this world." I was really curious now ; I thought that I can find something about those damned monsters. "And so? What are the 3 'lands'?" Ruby couldn't stand in one place now, and she started playing with her hair that was in a long silky ponytail. At the same time Ana stood up and said "I'll quickly go for a walk..." She walked out of the room soon after.  "You still want to know more about the executive?" I stood up from the chair. I knocked the chair over and it caused a big crash. "Of corse I do!" Ruby looked sorrowful. "Even if your life is going to be in danger the moment I tell you?" I replied quickly, and before I knew it, I was yelling. "Well, my life is already in trouble, right? I shouldn't care if my life gets into danger even more!" Ruby's usually calm expression was gone completely now, and you can see the frustration in her expression. "Well, this and that is different!" "JUST TELL ME" Ruby shut up immediately and gritted her teeth. I looked at her puzzled. Then I took a deep breath. "Please, just tell me about them. I-" But just before I could finish my second sentence, Ruby has already started talking. "The executive are a 'secret society' that barely anybody knows about. They , as I already said, rule different lands. The people in the lands are separated by rules and laws that only the 3 leaders know. The 'devils', or otherwise known as beasts, live on the west side in a very vast, but desolate land. They get resources from raiding different lands." My heart ached at that one sentence and I sat down on the chair I knocked over earlier. Ruby glanced at me very quickly, but just long enough to see my expression. I thought she was going to say something about my expression, but she just kept on talking. "Then there are the 'angels', also known as spirits, who live on the very east of this world in a evenly large, but crowded and plentiful land. Possibly the best place you can ever live. They help humans out whenever the humans deserve the reward. The spirits and beasts strongly dislike each other. But I think it is pointless, if both races are practically immortal" I brushed my left hand where the bandage used to hide my mark. (Yes, it is there)  "The last land is where you humans live. It is located in the middle of this world, and contains both the good and the evil. In my opinion the most unfortunate place to live. You get attacked, and death is usually. You are both good and evil, so you never know what can happen. Most of you humans don't have any kind of power to defend yourself or attack anybody..." I stood up from the chair and clutched my left hand a bit tightly. I walked past her and summoned in a warm fancy coat that fell in front of me. I slowly picked it up and said "Thank you for telling me about the executive. It was interesting." Ruby turned around and said "Wait! Don't you want to know more about the executive?!" I just kept on walking until I got to the door and grabbed the knob. I looked over my shoulder, smiled,  and replied in a quiet voice that you can barely hear it. "I've heard enough for today..."

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