Isolation War

Elsa is a strong, talented, and rebellious 16 year old girl who is going to fight in war. But this war that she was going to fight in was no ordinary war. In that war there were such things as monsters and even dragons. The thing is that the world they lived in used mysterious powers called widow and that the monsters used that to kill her family. Fairies called Messengers said that she was able to get revenge on these monsters and since Elsa was one of those people who wants to get revenge, she joined to fight in the war. Elsa is now destined to slay the monsters with all of her life using the power widow.

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23. Maya Clocker ( Ana Pov )

Ana's pov

I watched Elsa stand up and walk towards the dome. I heard Elsa say " What a horrible place. " under her breath.

Sure, it was a bit mean how Ruby tricked us and almost nearly killed me but I didn't think it was that bad of a

place... Ruby flew down beside me without me noticing and said " Isn't she amazing. " I whisked my head around

and saw Ruby staring at Elsa. " Oh. Yes. She does... I'm a bit jealous. " Ruby smiled mysteriously and said " You

wouldn't be if you know how much her life has changed from that day. " I knew what she meant by ' that day '. At

least I think she meant that day when her family was killed in the fire. " Do you mean when she lost almost

everything because of the fire? " Ruby still smiling said, " Yes. That's what I meant. " I didn't like her when she

smiled like that. It made me feel really uneasy and I want to run away. That's how I felt right now. I wanted to tell

Elsa that it was ok and I wanted to walk away from Ruby. " So why are you still ' jealous ' of her? "  " Hm? Oh. I

actually don't know. Maybe because the fact that she can protect herself without making anyone worried... " I

looked down at my feet. " That's what you think " I heard Ruby say under her breath. " Did you say something? "

For a second it felt to me like she actually knew what Elsa is going through right now. It was like she experienced

it herself. Then suddenly from behind me I saw a girl that looked like the same height as me push past me. " Hey! Move! " " Um...Sorry. " Rude! She could've just say excuse me or something like that. Her light brown hair hit me

across the face like it was on purpose and she trotted up to the dome. " Who the heck does she think she is? "

Ruby still looking at the girl with her eyes narrowed said " Her name is Maya Clocker and she is one of the elite

soldiers in this place " " Elite? That girl? Really??? " I was surprised that she was an elite. Ruby finally turned to

me and said " Just saying but you're also an elite soldier. " " Who? Me? " I was not informed that so I was even

more surprised. " Since when? " Ruby looked at me with a look that said ' you're pretty dumb ' and said " Since

you came here. " I never knew that. No body really informed me so how was I supposed to know? " Also, if I were

you I would go to the dome where Maya is heading. " " Why? " I looked at her with a puzzled look. " Because

she's also know as a person who seems to always steal something important from a lot of people. She might say

something behind you're back to Elsa. " "I sort of doubt that. Besides Elsa doesn't even know that Maya girl yet." 

" I also doubt it but if I were you I would've gone just in case. I don't think you would want to end up alone again.

 " Flashbacks of that day came back to me and my chest ached. I turned to the dome and ran as fast as I can. ' I

can't loose another one of my important friend again! ' I felt a hot tear go down my cheeks. I quickly wiped it of

and opened the door. " Elsa!!! "                                                       


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