Isolation War

Elsa is a strong, talented, and rebellious 16 year old girl who is going to fight in war. But this war that she was going to fight in was no ordinary war. In that war there were such things as monsters and even dragons. The thing is that the world they lived in used mysterious powers called widow and that the monsters used that to kill her family. Fairies called Messengers said that she was able to get revenge on these monsters and since Elsa was one of those people who wants to get revenge, she joined to fight in the war. Elsa is now destined to slay the monsters with all of her life using the power widow.

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25. "I'm Lonely but I Think I Can Go On"

When we got back to our comfortable room, we were completely exhausted. It was sure a big day, and I would have to say, it was probably a harder day for Ana than me. I cast a quick glance at Ana and she was close to just collapsing at sleeping right on that spot. "Hey, Ana." She didn't look at me but waled over to her bed and she still replied. "Ya?" I thought about what I was going to say. After a moment of awkward silence I sat down beside her and said "Why did you yell at Maya like that?" Ana didn't say anything for a while, and she just stared at the white ceiling. "Well. It's a pretty stupid reason." I looked at Ana's way a bit hopefully to find out what she was so upset about. "I'm pretty lonely since my sister's aren't here with me now." My heart sank at her words and I looked away. I thought about my family and her family. "And I don't want to loose somebody important to me. Even Ruby is important to me." I didn't say anything about that but I could feel myself fill with rage. "I get how she's lonely, but why consider Ruby as an important person?" "And I just had a feeling that that Maya girl will steal you from me." I looked at her a bit bewildered. "I didn't expect that to be the reason why she doesn't like Maya..." I finally started to speak. "Is that why you don't like Maya?" This time it was Ana's turn to look at me. "Well, I'm sorry that I'm overprotective!" I shook my head. "No! I didn't think you were overprotective! I was just a bit surprised that that was the reason why you didn't like her..." Ana was looking at me with the same annoyed look. I quickly said "It's alright! She's not the type of person I'd want to be with!" Ana looked relieved at those words but at the same time at doubt. "Are you sure?" I nodded my head and said "Yes! I'm sure! Although I can't really do anything if she comes up to her myself..." Ana wasn't looking at me, but it was pretty clear that she was satisfied. Ana stood up giggling. "Come on, let's just eat and go to sleep quickly." Her voice was kind a felt a bit more reassured. I looked up at her and smiled. "Ok." I stood up, too and walked over to the table.  Ana followed me and said "You know, it's pretty reassuring to have such a great friend like you." I replied while smiling. "I'm glad that you think that, too" Ana looked down at the ground now and said "I'm still lonely but I think I can go on." I didn't say anything to that and just bit into an apple. 

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