Isolation War

Elsa is a strong, talented, and rebellious 16 year old girl who is going to fight in war. But this war that she was going to fight in was no ordinary war. In that war there were such things as monsters and even dragons. The thing is that the world they lived in used mysterious powers called widow and that the monsters used that to kill her family. Fairies called Messengers said that she was able to get revenge on these monsters and since Elsa was one of those people who wants to get revenge, she joined to fight in the war. Elsa is now destined to slay the monsters with all of her life using the power widow.

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5. Here's a Present for You!

I spent the next days at the mt new friends' house. They treated me as if I was actually their 

sister which made me gain hope and happiness again. I asked " So what's today's breakfast? "

Ana kindly responded " Today's breakfast is pumpkin soup and bread. " " I love pumpkin soup

and bread! " " I'm glad you like it! " Then Patricia came down and said " Hey Elsa! I have a

present for you! " I looked to her direction then said " What is it? " Then Patricia gave me a dark

blue ribbon. Then she said " Since you have long beautiful brown hair, and you never tie it up , I 

thought it'd be nice if you tied it up. " I looked down at the ribbon and then looked up at her

again. I noticed that she was wearing the exact same ribbon as me. Then I said  disappointedly

" Thanks for the present. But the thing is I don't know how to my hair up... " Patricia ( who was

way taller than me ) looked down at me then smiled. Then she grabbed my hand and said

stubbornly " That's alright! I can teach you how to tie your hair up! " Then we ran upstairs. 

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