Isolation War

Elsa is a strong, talented, and rebellious 16 year old girl who is going to fight in war. But this war that she was going to fight in was no ordinary war. In that war there were such things as monsters and even dragons. The thing is that the world they lived in used mysterious powers called widow and that the monsters used that to kill her family. Fairies called Messengers said that she was able to get revenge on these monsters and since Elsa was one of those people who wants to get revenge, she joined to fight in the war. Elsa is now destined to slay the monsters with all of her life using the power widow.

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12. After the Fire

We were able to escape in a matter of time. We were really disappointed of what happened. We

just stood really close to the house. As if the sky were us rain started falling. The fire died out

pretty soon but our anger lasted forever. Ana fell to the ground crying and yelling " Why did it

have to be me?! Just because I'm the youngest it doesn't mean that I'm the one who should

escape! " I was just silently standing beside her holding all of the things that they gave me in my

right hand and covering my left eye with my left hand. I whispered under my breath " Damn it!

Why did this happen?! Is this all because of my stupid mark?! Is it because I was the one they

call ' The Chosen One' ??!! Why did it have to be me??! " We were just there crying and yelling

for a very long time. A moment of silence passed by. Then I said to Ana still looking at the

burned down house, " Ana. From know on I'm going to slay any monsters that I see and stop

their breath. " Ana looked at me and replied " Are you alright like that? Doesn't it hurt to kill

someone? " I looked at her then said " Of corse it does. " Then she grabbed my shoulders and

said " Then why are you doing this?? If it hurts why are you doing this? Why are you telling

yourself lies?! " I grabbed her right arm and said " I have to do it because I don't want anybody

else turning into something like me. I don't care if I make countless sins because it's for me and

for everybody else. " Ana let go of my shoulders then looked at me straight in the eye and said

" Is this what you call ' justice ' ? Is killing monsters going to be for you is it really going to be for

everybody else?! " Then it was my turn to say something. " Don't you feel like killing one of those

hideous things? Don't you want to see them in pain like now?! If you feel sorry for those things 

you must be messed up!! " Ana backed away and ran into the woods. When I couldn't see her, I

fell to the ground and clenched my fists really hard. I cried and cried until no more tears could

come out of my eyes. 

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