Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~

I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer


3. ~You Kill Me (In A Good Way)~

I'm a 17 year old girl I'm 5"7' and this guy... Well he was so fucken tall. He had no face. What the hell is up with this place! I remember him Slendy, Hoody, Masky, Jeff, Jack , and Ben. "Welcome home daughter." Slendy said. Even though I wasn't his daughter. I walk into the house I was greeted by every creepy pasta. "Leave her alone!" Jeff shouted and everyone. "What's the matter are you mad because we are messing with your girl?" Ben said "Shut the fuck up link boy!" Jeff said and shot a glare. As everyone was arguing slendy came over "SHUT UP!" He said in a stern voice. Everyone stopped immediately. "Jeff! Show her to her room." Slendy said.

"Yeah...whatever." He mumbled under his breath. He showed me to my room. I put my stuff on the dresser. Jeff came over to me. "If you ever get scared babe you can always sleep with me." He chuckled. "Ummm...pass-" I was going to finish my sentence when suddenly he kissed me again I gave in. Kissing him back. I laid down on the bed and he was still kissing me. You put my hands on his hair petting it. When someone knocked on the door "Dinner." Masky said. Jeff got up and left.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I kissed her. I don't know why but I wanted more. I was falling in love but I didn't know why. I sat down in the table. We had soup I hated soup I didn't eat it. Jack didn't ether probably because he only eats kidneys. I was wondering why she didn't come down to eat. After dinner I walked back up stairs into her room.

P.O.V *Amber*

I was used to not eating. My dad made me starve. And I just got so used to the fact of not eating. I set my clothes in the drawer and took a shower. I put on my shorts and my sleeping with sirens t-shirt. I layed on my bed thinking. I want to kill him. I want to kill everyone. Someone open my door "You should knock first!" I shouted and realized it was Jeff "Sorry I thought it was someone else." I looked down. He chuckled "Nice to know I don't need to knock." He said. "No you still need to knock." I said quickly. "I like you." Jeff said to me. I was caught off guard I never knew someone could like me. "I like you too." I said back. He came ove to me kissing me hard. We kinda made out. After I was out of breath he finally asked me "Why don't you eat?" He said to me. I told him. "Can I see your stomach?" Jeff asked. I pulled my shirt up reviling the cuts and everything else. I was really skinny. He touched my rib bones. I flinched. Then he kissed it. And looked up at me. "I love you Amber." He said. "I love you too Jeff." I said and kissed him. He left the room. And I went to bed.

My alarm went off "Shit!" I didn't want to go to school. I got up got undressed and took a shower I put the towel around me. I decided to wear black skinny jeans, black converse, and my skull t-shirt. I got my hair straighten and put some make up on. It was the start of high junior year. "Fuck and I have only been here for a day." I went down stairs and open the door. I didn't know the way out of the house. "Shit." I said to myself. Then a husky dog came up to me with the weirdest smile.

He tugged my arm and followed him. He led me to my car. How the hell did my car get here. And why was the glass fixed? I didn't care. I grabbed the keys and drove off to school. I parked next to some mustang. I went straight to my locker. "Are you knew?" A girl asked me. "Yeah!" I said smiling all of a sudden she slapped me. "Remember I am number one! Don't ever disobey me. Or your life will be ruined!" She said and walked off. I didn't let it bother me. I went to class and got the seat all the way in the back corner. I was dreaming. And the bell rang it woo me up from day dreaming. "Amber please stay here for a moment." Mr. R said. After everyone cleared the class room Mr. R came up to me and kissed me.... I backed away quick. "What the hell!" I said. "You have suck a pretty face... I want you to be mine!" It was only the first day and this shit was happening! I left. Luckily school started on a Friday. I went in my 67' Cheney impala and drive away.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I cared for her. So I decide to watch her. It was the end of school and her teacher held her back. He started to touch her which pissed me off. Then he kissed her! I got mad! I saw that she didn't like it one bit. After I saw her drive away. I saw her teacher still in the class room. He was jacking off to a picture of her. That fat bitch was going to pay. So I snuck in the the school to his class room. After he got up. I went behind him "Who is -" "GO TO SLEEP!" That's the last thing he heard before I saw his body drop to the ground. I made my happy that fat ass wasn't going to mess with her. I walked home with my hoodie on top of me. It was white but stained with blood. I walked in to the woods. And thought back at what I did. I was proud of my handy work. Then I went into the mansion.

P.O.V *Amber*

I sat at the dinner table even though I was a type of person to not eat I did. After dinner I talked to Ben. "Where is Jeff?" I asked "Probably out killing."

"Oh thanks!"

"Want to play a game with me?"

"Sure!" Me and Ben decided to play halo. He beat me I had no idea how to work anything. It was so hard. Jeff came home. I got up and followed him to his room "where have you been?" I asked. "Out." Meh said changing. "Ah dude at least tell me your changing!" I said and quickly turned around. He walked over to me. Grabbing my waist and kissing my neck. "We can't do this...people will hear us." I said then kissed me. I kissed back. Slowly it turned into a make out session. I started to grab me and pulled me onto his bed grabbing my arms and kissing my neck. "I want you." Jeff said. Then sat next to me. "Just not now. I'm 16." "Age shouldn't matter in 18." I want to but can't... I'm to young... And I don't know how exactly he feels about me. "Do you guys have a dog?" I asked "Yeah he's a husky why?" Jeff asked. "Oh well I ran into him. He's really cute." I said. "Yeah guess their are some perks to having a dog, his name is smile." Jeff said and I left his room. The strangest thing I saw a little girl. Jeff came out and told me who she was. "Sally this is Amber, Amber, Sally." Jeff said. "Hey I'm going to bed okay good night guys." I said and went to my room. His body I thought. It was so hot! He had a six pack and everything!! I went to bed blushing red. The next morning I got up and took a shower. Even though it was early I wanted to leave the house and go shoping. But first I went down stairs and turned the news on "school has been canceled for a week due to the murder of Mr. Ryder." The news women said. My eyes got wide as I finally new who killed him...Jeff. I went upstairs and went to Jeff's door without knocking. He was up sharpening his knife. "Why did you kill him." I said "Because of the way he touched you and kissed you!" Jeff shouted. He went over to me I kept my head down. He pulled my chin up. "I care to much for you to let a fat ass hurt you." Jeff said and kissed me. He was right. My teacher or well was my teacher touched me inappropriately. As people started to wake up I went down stairs to change the channel. I out on adventure time Ben, Hoody, Masky and I all sat down to watch it. When breakfast was ready I eat some not a lot. Mrs. P asked why and I said I ate already.

I went back up stair to change into my clothes I was wearing some shorts the people could say 'a little too short' and me black veil brides t-shirt I also out on some checkered converse. I grabbed my money not all of it just 500 of it. And made my way down stairs. "Where are you going?" Masky asked. "Out." I said and chuckled.

P.O.V *Jeff*

Oh no. She isn't going to wear that. She was wearing booty shorts and I t-shirt. I saw her get out of the house and stand thier. That's when I saw smile. I guessed he showed her the way out. I open my window and jumped out. I followed her until she reached the car. I let her go. If I followed her any longer I might hurt her. I went walking a mile or so down from the woods and I heard the annoying girls talking. "I know right and she ran away from home. Like what a retard, she probably got tired of getting hit and ran!" One of the girls said. Wait are they talking about Amber. I followed the girl with blonde hair and green eyes into a big mansion. She went up stairs to take a shower. I decided to explore. I saw her parents photos. "Who the fuck are you!" The girl screamed. "How do you know Amber?" I asked. She looked at me and started to laugh. "Hahaha. She a little bitch that no one likes! The little emo freak!" She went on. I got closer to her laughing. "Looks like it's time for you to GO TO SLEEP!" I said and watched her blood drip. I was hoping she wouldn't get mad at me. I loved her too much to let her hate me. I can't let het go.

P.O.V * Amber*

I went to my favorite store Hot Topic. I got some band shirts, jeans and a neckalce. I went to a shoe store and got some bright blue Jordan's. I was so happy I had 50 bucks left so I went to eat. In the end I had 30 bucks I think it was a good deal. I started off walking to my car that was at least half a mile away luckily I put my atuff in the car so I didn't have to carry it. Someone grabbed my waist "It's been a while babe." I recognize the voice it was Cameron. "What do you want" I said trying to pull his arm away. "Oh no no no sweetie you shouldn't be wearing that." He said grabbing my thigh. Immediately pushed him away and kicked him in the balls. "You little bitch!" He said his friends started to circle me. They all had bats I ran towards one he knocked me to the ground. Hit me with the bat. I saw blood coming around me.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I went home. It was around ten five when I walked in the door and asked "Is Amber home?" Ben to busy playing video games didn't answer. "No I thought she went to the mall." Masky said. I knew the mall was closed. I left the house I ran over to the mall and found a bunch of boys surrounding Amber. That's when I got filled with rage. I killed them all of them without a second thought. "That Bitch is good in bed!" Some boy yelled. What! I knew she wouldn't have done that. I went over to the boy. "GO TO SLEEP!" I said and sliced his throat. I watched him bleed to death. I looked at Amber she was in the ground bleeding from her head. I picked her up and brought her to the hospital.

P.O.V *Amber*

I remember Jeff then I woke up sweating. I turned to see Jeff sitting beside me with his blood stained hoodie. I smiled. "Hey babe." Jeff said. Sitting up it looked like he was sleeping. "Hey." I said. He started to get up "Where are you going?" I asked "There someone that's here." He said and hid. It was my 'mom' "Hey sweetie." She said walking in. "Hay mom." I muttered. "So the doctor said you can get out on your birthday. And of you want you can get a paper signed you are able to live alone. I have a house set up for you. You can live there. And don't worry your dad doesn't know." She said. I thought to myself. Finally a place I can call home. I didn't want to act happy I said it in a regular voice "Thanks mom." I said with a smile on my voice I talked to her for a while. Before I knew it the hospital said no visitors. Jeff came in from out the window. "You shouldn't be in here." I said to him smiling. "I know." I said to him smiling. We talked for awhile. "Don't you have to go home?" I said to him. He chuckled "Babe I don't have to go anywhere." He started to lay down next to me. We watched some T.V. Shows. "I love you... A lot more than you can imagine." He said grabbing me tighter. "I love you too." I said back to him. He started to kiss me. A lot. Grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. He started to kiss my neck lifting my shirt up. I pulled it down. "Where in the hospital." I said blushing. "Soon you will be in my rank 18!" He chuckled. "Yeah I leave on my birthday. Two days from now. And I get my own house... I was wondering.... Do you want to-" I started to say. He kissed me. I was still on his lap. "Yes babe. Where ever you are il follow." He said and his face got a little red. I hugged him I so excited. I laid down next to him on his chest until I fell asleep.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I loved her too much to let her go. I held her tighter and tighter. But the urge was to strong. I kissed her on the forehead. I had to go out and kill. This is something I can't control. I walked far away from the hospital. I saw a man drunk... He was my target. I watched him go into a the same house that Amber used to go in. After I saw the man fall asleep drunk I got out the knife and put it around his neck. He woke up "Amber you bitch... I'll kill you" he said. He said that to the wrong person. "GO TO SLEEP!"' I said. I sliced his throat.

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