Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~

I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer


2. ~Let Love Bleed Red~

He apologized! And he's...HUGGING ME. I went to blushing so quick. He chuckled "ohhhh so you wanted this?" He stated and chuckled even more. "No-NO!" I said blushing red as ever. He then laughed and walked out of the room. I was wondering why the smell of the bed was familiar. It was Jeff's bed. As if it couldn't get anymore embarrassing. The next morning I woke up. I took a shower and changed into some close slendy let me lend. "I'm going home!" I said. I didn't want to be here anymore. I left without eating. Slendy rapped his tentacle around me and teleported me back home. I was glad. I didn't want to be in that house any longer. I went to school after I came home. "Haha look it's emo girl! How much did you bleed this time!" A boy shouted. I gave him a glare. I wasn't in the mood for anyone to mess with me.

After school I came home and did my home work. When I was washing up I scratched my neck and it was bleeding. I put on shorts and a Asking Alexandria t-shirt and laid down on my bed. My eyes where getting heavy and I soon fell asleep. "Ahh!" I moaned a couple of hours l woke up to feel Jeff giving me a hickey on my scratch that was bleeding. "Wh-what the hell!" I shouted at him. He chuckled "You know you blood taste good." He said to me. I blushed "What the hell is wrong with you?" I kinda stated. "Nothing babe I'm just a complete psychopath murderer." He answered. "What am I suppose to do with this?!" I pointed to my hickey. "Makeup." He said. And walked over to me. Smashing his lips onto mine. Then kissing my neck "ah...look I can't do this...ummm...I have a project. Yeah a project to work on." Trying to drive him away from me. But it didn't work "let's do something fun" he said. Then as I was about to glare at him he disappeared.

My face was red. "What the hell is wrong with that guy!" I said to myself. I went down stairs after putting makeup on to cover it. "Get over here you bitch!" My dad screamed at me. I stood their clutching my fist. "I said get over here now!" He shouted. Then he picked he's beer bottle up and threw it at me. I was freaking out! I went back to my room, shit shit shit! I kept repeating to myself. Someone knocked on my door "I have something to tell you." My mom said walking in. "We...we aren't your real parents... In fact we are your adopted parents. Your parents are actually creepy pastas... That died."

"Your joking right! How did you know." I said confused.

"Before they gave me you. They gave me a note."

i grabbed the note out of her hand and read it "Dear Amber

By the time you read this I am dead. What your adoptive mother is saying is true. She isn't your real mother. Since your adoptive mothers gave you this. I wish you luck on your journey. You might have met them. But if not soon you will. I trust that you make the right choice.

Love, your dreariest mother"

I got up "Mom I can't stay here anymore, it's not safe I'm leaving." She nodded her head and left the room. I grabbed my back pack, suit case, and my spear money. I filled the suit case with clothes hair products and makeup. "Where are you going bitch!" My dad said. He got up and started walking towards me. I ran to my room and locked the door. "Open up you little bitch!" My dad said trying to smash the door. I only grabbed my backpack this time that had clothes money and a phone.

I looked at the window. I was on the third floor. "How the fuck do I do this!" I said looking down to see how far it was! I threw my bag out the window. I heard the door smashing open. "Shit it's now or never!" I said. And jumped out the window. "FUCK!" I screamed as I landed my leg was purple. "Come here you stupid bitch!" My dad said screaming out the window. I got up flinching trying to run which I was just limping. "RUN!" My mom said. I turned to see my dad running towards me. I limped as quick as I could to a car it was a 67' Chevy impala. I used my telekinesis to open the car I went in and locked the car doors. My dad was banging on the glass. It was starting to crack. I used my telekinesis to start the car *SMASH* the window was busted open I put the car in drive and hit the gas.

The last thing I said was "I will kill you!" I stoped at a computer store and bought a computer the latest one. I drove off to a hotel. After I got settled in I went on my computer to try my new power hacking. I entered a whole bunch codes and I hacked someone! isn't a 'someone' I jumped out of my seat it was a boy that look like a link in one of a games a played. He was pointing at the camera and someone with a blue mask was there too! It was BEN AND MASKY!!

"Hey I think the camera is on record." Ben said pointing at the camera to Masky. "Shit!" I said I knew they couldn't hear me. "How do you know?" Masky said. "Cause of the red dot..." Ben said then he whispered something to Masky and Masky left the room. He typed in the computer 'You shouldn't have done that.' Then he tried to hack my computer. I shut the whole thing down.

After a while I went down to McDonalds. "I'll take a red cherry shake." I said to the boy cashier and gave him the money. On the corner of my eye I saw a 8ft tall person...WITH NO FACE!!! I quickly grabbed my shake and heard the tall guy say as he disappeared "I found her." I ran back to the hotel. With Jeff waiting for me. He chuckled "So you hacked Ben?" He said in a stament like way "Yeah what's it to you." I said getting annoyed. "Hey don't be like that babe. I know you have abilities, you have to come with me." Jeff said. "I'm not going anywhere so just leave!" I shouted at him.

He got up "Your parents want this for you." He said. I thought for a moment if my REAL mom wants this for me... I should do it. For her. "Okay. When do we leave." I muttered. "I can't hear you." Jeff said. "I SAID WH-" I was caught off guard. His lips collided with mine. He put his tongue in my mouth. Wait what! I couldn't help but lean into the kiss. He chuckled "Your cute you know that." "You little.... UGH" there was so many things I wanted to say to him. I grabbed my bag that had my cloths and laptop in. We left to the mansion.

I followed Jeff all the way to the woods. I didn't like the woods. I could always remember the faceless guy. I hated the woods. "Aren't you coming babe. Or are you scared?" Jeff said to me. "I'm not sc-" I couldn't say it because in fact I WAS SCARED! Jeff walked over to me "Your such a baby!" He said then grabbed my hand. When I was resisting he pulled me over to him and carried me bridal style. I blushed what else was I suppose to do. He chuckled "Im going to have some fun." He said.

We walked until we reached a mansion. Jeff put me down. I grabbed onto him "What's the matter babe where hear." I still didn't let go. I was scared I knew who was going to be in there. Even though I was already in there I didn't like it. Jeff banged on the door. Something opened it up.

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