Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~

I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer


8. ~Here We Go~

"Hey" Ben says pausing his game. He walks over to the couch sitting down. He pats the couch telling me to sit next to him. "Hay." I said back to him. We sat in silence for a while. "He knows." I said to Ben, he looks at me with the I-Already-Know look. "Yeah he went killing! He came back to the mansion and beat the shit out of me!" I started to laugh. "HA. Karma's a BITCH!" Laughing even more know.

"You shouldn't have done that." He said tickling me now. Laughed so hard I thought that I was going to die. Jeff came down. "So...what the hell is going on?!" Jeff said really pissed off. "Nothing much." Ben said trying to calm him down. "Shut up slut boy!" Jeff snapped. He walked out.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I don't get made easily but damn! He shouldn't have his hands on my girl! I put my stuff in the car. I thought for a while. She loves me. Right? No stop thinking about it. She does LOVE me. I walked back in. "Where's Amber?" Looking around for her. "Upstairs I think." Laughing Jack said. I walked up stairs.

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