Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~

I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer


5. ~Bulletproof Love~

"You guys did what!" He said starting to lessen his grip on me. I grabbed on to him. "I didn't like it I swear!" I told him. I started to cry. He got up. "Please I swear!" I kept on trying but it was to late. He had left. I started to cry. I cried until I fell asleep.

P.O.V *Jeff*

I know she wouldn't have don't that. But to know Ben would do that to her made me angry. I needed to kill. I found a family. They where all in the living room. I know the women wouldn't move if the guy was killed and the not would be too confused to move. "Go to sleep." I said and killed the man. The women to stunned to move was even more delightful. "Go to sleep." I said to her. Then I walked up to the little boy "Go to sleep!" I said to the little boy and cut his throat. They all bleed to death. Thats when I left. I thought for awhile. And headed back to the hospital.

P.O.V *Amber*

What's the point in living if I can't even stand by you. I grabbed the razor and started to slit my wrist. The pain I didn't even feel. I was so used to it. I really didn't care anymore. He rejected me. "What the hell Amber!" Jeff said taking the razor away. "I thought you didn't love me." I said with tears down my face.

He grabbed me and held on to me tight. He got the bandages and wrapped my wrist. "I'm sorry." I said to him. "Shut up!" He said and kissed me. "You know the song bulletproof love?" Jeff asked me. "Yeah it's by pierce the veil why?" I asked him. "Because I think that no matter what. Are love will always stay bulletproof." He chuckled and kissed me. He kept kissing me until I ran out of breath. "You know... I'm leaving tomorrow. My birthday. Are you still-" before I finished my sentence he started to kiss me. I guess that was a yes.

He grabbed onto my waist and pulled me to his waist. We started to have rough make out. I was out of breath. He kept on kissing my I pulled him back. He kissed my neck. I started to let out a moan but quickly stopped myself. "We are in the-" he kissed me again. "I know." He said. I laid down on top of him. I fell asleep the next morning I realized he didn't leave in the middle of the night. I was happy.

Today was the day I get out of here. I got in the shower that was in the hospital. after the shower I got in the cloths that I wore the other day. I did my makeup and hair. I walked out of bathroom. Jeff was still asleep. I got on top of him and whispered in his ear "Get up sleepy head." He just moaned. I decided to do something dangerous I licked his neck. He then grabbed me.

He pinned me to the bed and started to tickle me. "Stop it!" I said I was out of breath. "Your so cute you know that." He said to me. I looked at his hoody.... It was really bloody. " What happen?" I asked pointing to his hoody. He told me "Well I got angry... So I went out to kill." Then someone knocked on the door. Jeff held my mouth shut and kissed my forehead. He left out through the window.

"Come in!" I said it was my mom. "Hey." I said to her. "Honey... I have something to tell you...your dad... Was murdered." She said sadly. "But here is the address to you new house." She said and handed me a paper I took it. She left. I stood their stunned. For once I was happy. Jeff came in. "What happen babe?" He asked seeing that I was so happy. I have him the paper to my address.

He chuckled "Looks like we are going to have fun." "Did you kill my father?" I asked him. He looked down. "Yea." I was happy to know he killed him. I never liked my dad. He was always mean to me. "That's a good Jeffy!" I said to him and petted his hair. He looked up at me "Your not... mad?" He questioned. I lifted the back of my shirt up. It showed a scar. "You see the scar." He nodded. "Well you see it was from my dad." He hugged me. "I wish I was there earlier. "It's okay... he's gone now." I told him, holding onto his arm. "I'll be waiting outside." Jeff said.

"Okay." I said back to him. I checked out. My car was out front. So was Jeff. "Did you drive my car!" I shouted. "How do you think I got here?" He chuckled I took the car keys from him. We drove over to the new house I were staying-we were staying in.

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