Perfectly Imperfect

~Everything seems perfect until a sight happens in front of your eyes that isn't too bright for a young girl to see~


1. Prologue

Everything seems glorified to you, by it's price tag. I don't see things that way. I see things from a different angle that you. Maybe that's how I was raised? Or maybe I just see things from my point of view, rather the worlds.

I see the bad, and I see the good in everything. Even in you. You have your good days, you have your bad days. But overall, your pretty smiley most of the time, right?

I don't look at things like everything is perfect. Because it's obviously not that way in America, or where I'm from, the United Kingdom.

There's mistakes existing everywhere, I'm just smart enough to find.

I know it's short; but it's only the prologue To give you an idea on this one. I hope you like it. (: I had this idea for a while but I decided to post it now.

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