The Harry love story

Carly was just a regular teenager -had a n iPhone, went on the internet a lot- but there was one secret hobby she had, writing songs. Well, it was secret until that day she met him...


1. the bus

Carly's P.O.V




My alarm clock woke me up, it was the first day of school... GRRRRRRR!!!! I am now a senior in high school and last year did not go so well. I lost all my friends because I ditched them all for a guy who broke up with me the next day. That will never happen again.

I didn't want to get up but mom kept yelling at me, "Get up, Carly or I am going to DRAG you to school." So I got up and and got dressed i put on a black ninja shirt and a black skirt. Then I put on my makeup, black eyeshadow and eyeliner with my foundation. Then I braided a little part of my sandy blonde hair. My mom yelled up the stairs, "Your waffles are getting cold!" So I ran downstairs to eat.

After breakfast Lolo, my sister, and I left for the bus stop. She is like my closest friends, I can tell her anything and we barely ever fight. Me and her were so excited for to night it was the Doctor Who's 3rd season fanaly. We could NEVER miss an episode of Doctor Who. Once we got to the bus stop there was someone I've never seen before there. "Are you new?" I asked. "Yea." He responded. We got on the bus and I sat in a different seat than my sister today. Then that new kid came up to me and asked if he could sit next to me and I said yes.

Me and Lolo we're talking about Doctor Who and this new kid couldn't help but blurt something out, "I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!" I couldn't believe my ears my first day with the new kid and we already have something in common. "Oh really? What season and episode are you on?" I said. "I am on the third season I am going to watch the finaly tonight!" He said. I turned to him "what's your name?" I asked.

"Harry, Harry Styles." He replied

"What grade are u in?"

"I am a senior in high school."

"Hey, me to!"

"Cool. Switch schedules?"

"Yea sure." We switched schedules and found out we had the all the same classes. This is weird, I have never had someone that had all the same classes as me, live next to me and is on my bus. Then the bus stopped and I looked out my window and there it was, my school.

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