Dearest Diary

Hey guys. Am thinking about ending this story short. Cuz it's either ending this story or my other one and I don't think any of you are really enjoying this except maybe one. So am gonna write a couple of chapters more an then end it.


9. Chapter 8

Dear Diary,

Where did I leave of? Oh yeah. So the door fell. And there standing before my eyes stood...

A complete stranger.

He took my hand and dragged me along to am guessing to an exit. "Who are you?" I said trying to release my hand from his mighty grip. "Am Leo." He said looking forward. It was silent for a while. "I work for your aunt, am her housekeeper." He continued after forever. "But your a guy."I mumbled. "Glad you noticed." He said unoffended. "But where's my aunt?" I said giving him a look of concern. He just ignored me and finally found the exit.

He opened the door quietly going out first making sure it was safe. There was a white van. You know the ones that have no windows on the back and look suspicious. He opened the back door for me and put me inside. "What the-" my sentence was cut off by my aunt speaking who was sitting behind me. "Diamond!" She said crying. "Aunt Vivian." I said hugging her. "Oh why does this always happen. I loose you then I find you and I loose you again." She said in between sobs."It ok, am not going anywhere." I said squeezing her.

Leo or whatever his name was got in the driver's seat and started driving. "Where are we going?" I asked pulling away from our hug. "To grandma's house." Aunt Vivian answered "she needs to know you're okay." She continued smiling and sniffling.

When we got there we all talked and laughed. We drank tea. I felt like and old lady.

Later we went to my aunt's house and it was quite late. So I was shown to my new room. I lost all my belongings on the process so I had no idea what to do.

Leo later knocked on my door and I let him in. "Here I recovered some of your stuff." He said plopping my bags down on my bed. "Thanks." I said. We stood there awkwardly just staring at each other and then looking at the ground then smiling then staring at each other again. It must've lasted like forever until he excused himself and surprisingly he lived here. He helped my Aunt Vivian with everything.

I couldn't sleep that night. I kept thinking about everything that happened those past couple days. They felt so unreal. Then I was thinking about Leo. I hadn't realized how handsome he is. He had blue eyes and dark brown hair.

The next day, Leo made us some waffles and pancakes. I must've ate about 7. I was starving. The Rest of the day was pretty normal. Until Leo asked me on a date. For some reason I said yes. Was I developing feelings for him? Oh well.

Bye Diary

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