Dearest Diary

Hey guys. Am thinking about ending this story short. Cuz it's either ending this story or my other one and I don't think any of you are really enjoying this except maybe one. So am gonna write a couple of chapters more an then end it.


6. Chapter 5

Dear Diary,

That next morning, I woke up on the couch. I noticed I was laying down with Ray. I quickly got up, careful not to wake Ray, and headed to the guest room. I locked my door and got in the shower. When I was done, I wrapped the towel around me and got changed into a black "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss" shirt with the white writing. And some high waisted light-wash denim shorts. And some black vans. I put on some foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and some baby lips. I put my hair up in a sleek ponytail and went to the kitchen. Ray was still peacefully sleeping hugging a pillow. What a surprise. I made me some waffles and ate two. I wasn't feeling very hungry at the moment. I got my purse and just took a walk. I was lonely and was not, going to hang out with Ray. I was going to sit in a nearby bench when I realized, that I had yet crashed into another person. I got up and looked into her eyes. Familiar brown eyes. "Aunt Vivian?" I whispered. "Diamond,Dear, I have been looking for you eveywhere.I just went for a walk to take my mind off things." She said hugging me. I admit I cried a little. "I tried calling you guys but no one answered." I sputtered. "Oh grandma threw her old phone out ages ago. And I must've been out looking for you when you called me." We talked for a while when we realized that I was back outside Ray's apartment. I excused myself real quick and hurried inside to grab my stuff. "Going somewhere?" Ray said as I walked into my room. "As a matter of fact yea I am." I replied packing my stuff. "I don't think so." He said. "What do you mean?" I said worried. "You think bumping into you was a coincidence?" He said shutting and locking my door. "When I moved away, you think I stopped caring about you?" He said moving closer."W-Well it doesn't look like you care much right now." I sput out. Before I knew it, there was a cloth in my mouth. I blacked out.

But don't worry diary. Am ok. Am in a dark room with you and my phone. But I get no reception. I hear footsteps.

Good bye Diary

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