Dearest Diary

Hey guys. Am thinking about ending this story short. Cuz it's either ending this story or my other one and I don't think any of you are really enjoying this except maybe one. So am gonna write a couple of chapters more an then end it.


3. Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

Am on the plane right now so if my handwriting's a little shaky, not my fault. I barely made the plane this morning so I didn't have time to find my brother and say goodbye. Same old. I called a cab to take me to the airport but there was tons of traffic so I was almost late. I boarded the plane and toke my seat, I got seated next roan old lady, but she slept most of the ride. Looks like they're giving out peanuts. I'll write tomorrow morning. Oh, did I mention, Sky was too big to sit with me so she went to the place where they put the dogs on the back of the plane.

GoodBye Diary.

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