Dearest Diary

Hey guys. Am thinking about ending this story short. Cuz it's either ending this story or my other one and I don't think any of you are really enjoying this except maybe one. So am gonna write a couple of chapters more an then end it.


12. Chapter 11

Dear Diary,

I woke up and yawned. I looked at the time. 12:47 PM. That's kinda late for me. Then I remembered last night. I couldn't sleep thinking about Leo. I mean I knew I liked him, but sometimes I just worry. I went to take a quick shower and got dressed into a casual blue-flowery patterned blouse and some dark jeans that are bleached at the bottom. I put on some old converse and headed downstairs. I grabbed an apple and to my surprise someone swiped it from behind me. I turned around face to face with Leo. "Now now miss, we don't want to spoil our appetite to this delicious breakfast am cooking up here." He said putting the apple aside. I rolled my eyes playfully. He noticed this and gave a cocky smile. I just sat down on the stool and blew my bangs away from my face.

Before I knew it, I was stuffing my face down to something with a filling inside it. It tasted good but I did not know what it was. "What is this?" I said with my mouth full." Leo chuckled. He handed me a napkin. "It's called a crepe, it's a French breakfast." He answered. I continued stuffing my face and washed it down with some milk. I cleaned my face with the napkin for once and gulped.

The rest of the day we decided to watch a whole bunch of movies. Although it occurred to me that I still don't know where Leo was yesterday. I paused the movie and asked," hey Leo, where were you yesterday?" I asked turning to him. "I um, had a family matter to attend." He said looking down. "Oh." I said felling kinda bad. I resumed the film and we laughed at a funny scene. Before I knew it, it was two o'clock in the morning. We decided go to bed. We said our goodbyes and went to sleep. That night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face...

Night Diary

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