Dearest Diary

Hey guys. Am thinking about ending this story short. Cuz it's either ending this story or my other one and I don't think any of you are really enjoying this except maybe one. So am gonna write a couple of chapters more an then end it.


11. Chapter 10

Dear Diary,

Last night was magical. I couldn't stop thinking about him.

This morning I got up and didn't bother getting dressed or anything. I just washed my face and put on some shoes and dragged my self down stairs. I sat on the table and surprisingly, there was no one home. Leo was no where on sigh. And he didn't even make me breakfast! I had remembered that my aunt was going grocery shopping early. Well that answers one question. My aunt didn't get home until free lunch and she just went straight to her bed. Well something's wrong here. I didn't see Leo all day.

Maybe I'll see him tomorrow? I hope he's ok.

Bye Diary

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