Odd Fate

In this story the main character some how manages to meet a strange -yet handsome- man at the local pub, she only wanted to buy a drink but possibly meets the man of her wildest dreams.


3. Roommate Confrontation

~Sorry about the shortness of this chapter, I'm really busy, so I haven't had time to work on it.

Once Jason's clothing is clean, he gives me his phone number and leaves without another word. I now sit on the counter in my apartment's kitchen, eating a bowl of random cereal that I found in one of the cabinet that are above the outdated stove. I start to swing my legs, yay for being so short. Suddenly Eian comes barreling into the room, grabs me by my ankles off of the counter, which causes me to get covered in liquid for the second time tonight.

I start to scream slightly and jerk my legs around, breaking his grip on my legs. "You dick! Why'd you do that?!" I yell and run into my room changing once again, this time into a pair of pajama material shorts.

I walk from my room normally, and into the living room and slap Eian in the back of the head. He instantly turns around with his hands raised, he slowly saunters towards me and move his hands like he's going to catch me and begin tickling me.

"No! Don't you dare!" I squeal and run to the other side of the room from him.

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