Odd Fate

In this story the main character some how manages to meet a strange -yet handsome- man at the local pub, she only wanted to buy a drink but possibly meets the man of her wildest dreams.


2. Cleaning Up A Mess

Jason was now sitting on the couch that resides in the living room of my apartment. He was now dressed in clothing that my roommate thrown about in his room, which were some navy blue sweats, and a stained white tank-top. I had also changed into an over-sized Portal 2 t-shirt, and a plaid pair of pajama bottoms.

I walked back over to the washer and dryer that I somehow managed to fit in the tiny pantry that was connected to my outdated kitchen. Jason's and my beer-covered clothing was already stuffed in the washer. I was currently pouring laundry detergent on top of everything in my top loader.

As soon as I shut the washer door and start its cycle, I hear "Sugar We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy blast from the room that Jason is residing in. I grin to myself, looks like he's already found my CDs and my stereo, I laugh lightly at my thought. 

I exit the pantry and walk into the living room. One I enter the room I begin singing and dance over to Jason. "And sugar we're going down swinging, I'll be your number one with a bullet. A loaded God-complex, cock it and pull it!" I laugh loudly, and begin dancing in front of Jason again. 

He chuckles loudly, his laughter louder than the music. He grabs my hands and twirls me as the music picks up in tempo. Slowly the song begins to fade out. we both sit down onto the couch, and end up laughing hysterically when "Casual  Sex" by My Darkest Days starts to play. I grab the volume controller and turn the song down, so that we can speak to each other clearly. 

"Well that was fun, rather funny too." He gasps out, clearly short of breath.

"I agree with you there Jas-" I get cut off by a banging on my front door, but for some reason Jason beats me to it, and swings the door open. We're both face-to-face with my roommate. 

"Oh. I left my keys on the coffee table. Whoops, I can leave if you're doing things Maria." My roommate says as he glances at Jason. 

My roommate's name is Eain, rather bland name for him if I may say so myself. He's 25, 5'11", has vibrant green eyes, and he also has his hair dyed an electric yellow that's short and swept to the left slightly. 

I place my face into my hands and scoff loudly. "No Eian, we weren't doing anything. We met at the pub across the street and he somehow managed to spill our drinks everywhere, and now he's waiting on his clothes to finish in the washer, so he won't go home smelling like alcohol and possibly get pulled over and arrested for smelling like it." 

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