Hermione's Special Birthday

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron Weasley/ Hermione Granger
Disclaimer: I do not own any character. All characters copyrighted to JK Rowling and whoever else these characters belong to. The content is my own, but the characters do not.


1. Starting off the Day

"Harry? Harry, wake up mate," Ron softly whispered to Harry. "It's Hermoine's birthday and we need to get everything ready!"

He gently put his hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry swiftly shoved his hand to grab his wand which was lying on the dresser next to him; his other hand swung out and smacked Ron dead in the nose.

"Damn, what was that for?" Ron exclaimed, tears drawing to his eyes.

"Sorry Ron. You shouldn't sneak up on me like that!" Harry scolded.

"How else am I supposed to wake you up, banging frying pans together?"

"What time is it anyways?"

"Dunno. Like 6 I think"

"What the hell are you waking me up at 6 in the morning for?"

"I told you, it's Hermione's birthday"

Harry sat up and smirked.

"You've really got a thing for her, haven't you?" He said teasingly. Ron's ears went scarlet.

"Sure do, mate. I have since our first year at Hogwarts. Who would have thought we would all end up living in number 12, Grimmuald Place together?" Ron dreamily said.

"I knew it!" Harry exclaimed. "Well, I s'pose we'd better get down to the kitchen so we can start breakfast for Hermione's big 19-"

Ron cut him off. "I got up about an hour ago and told Kreacher to decorate the kitchen and stir up the loveliest breakfast he could!"

Harry got up and put his dress robes on. He smiled when he saw the photograph of little Harry zooming around a room on the his very first broomstick Sirius had got him for his first birthday. Together, Harry and Ron raced down the stair from Sirius' old room, which Ron and Hermione gladly let him take.

"Hello! Up already, I see!" Hermione joyfully sang, a huge smile plastered upon her face. "Thanks for the birthday decorations, Ron! Kreacher said it was all your idea!" She rushed over to embrace him, his arms already outstretched to welcome her hug.

As they pulled apart, they froze, locked in each other's glare. Ron's head began to drift towards hers, and she did the same. Their lips touched in a passionate kiss. Ron's hands slid to her waist, while Hermione's held his face.

"Shall we eat?" Harry awkwardly interrupted. Ron and Hermione abruptly pulled away, remembering they weren't alone.

"Oh! Yes, yes, that would be lovely!" Squeaked Hermione. Ron began to walk towards the kitchen, nudging Harry in the side with his elbow.

"Thanks for ruining the moment, mate!" Sarcastically whispered Ron. Harry silently chuckled.

"Kreacher! Will you bring out the special birthday breakfast?" Ron asked.

"Yes, master's friend! Here it comes!" Kreacher exclaimed. The old house elf began bringing out plates of giant pancakes drenched in syrup with a pay of butter lying on the top. A huge smile was plastered on Hermione's face. Pancakes were her favorite.

"Oh Ron, how did you know?" She admiringly muttered. "And Kreacher, thank you so much this is wonderful!"

"Kreacher is glad he made you happy! Very, very happy!" Kreacher squeaked.

The three wizards ate in near silence, with the occasional "mmm" in between bites.

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