Hey guys I'm really crap at blurbs but this is imagines
Please read :)

I'll take requests as well ( don't do dirty one tho sorry :) )


1. Your ill and he takes care of you

Louis :

You wake up in the middle of the night with an uneasy feeling in your stomach. All of the sudden your rushing to the bathroom but still trying not to wake a sleeping Louis. You can see you dinner being brought back up and it just makes you feel worse and the next thing you see is louis standing there holding your hair and sleepily saying things like " aww it be okay " and " maybe you got the flu?" And finally you finish and you brush your teeth and mumble a thanks and you get a reply of " Wait!? Not even a kiss ? " you lean in and smile during your kiss.


You had just came back from drinking the night away for your 21st birthday and you quickly got changed to your PJ's then you and Niall started kissing and things got pretty heated and then you pulled away , running off to the bathroom. Emptying your stomach of any contents that remained there and all you hear is " is this your way of criticizing my kissing skills!?" And then " I'll fetch some tablets then maybe spend the day in bed ?" You don't reply you just walk to the bed a fall into complete darkness.

Harry :

This has been happening a lot during the week and you wake up sprinting to the bathroom and your just bursting your guts out then you feel someone holding up your hair and laughing at you and all you can say " You wanna swap places" and he just looks at you give you his signature cupcake smile .

Zayn : Lets just say you woke up from a pretty disturbing dream so disturbing you felt psychically sick. You wake up running to the bathroom and your literally peering over the toilet being sick and you have managed to wake up Zayn and you didn't want to do that cause he has a interview tommorrow. But then Zayn said Y/N ? Do you want me to stay off tommorrow? ( really you have no choice in the matter ) You said "okay ? " you go back to bed and hours or so later you wake up to Zayn cooking chicken soup for you .

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