not the right number

I told my god father that I needed my ants number so he texted me it but it was the wrong one and ended up being my twin Harry Potter. Yes i know what your thinking HARRY POTTER he has no twin well that's wrong and only 6 people know the truth and that includes Tom Riddle A.K.A The Dark Lord.Harry Potter knows nothing of me Mela Black Potter. WHAT WILL HAPPEN READ AND FIND OUT


1. the first wrong txt



              Mela's p.o.v 


  I got my aunts number and txted it 

me= hey its Mela Harrys twin how is he by the way

the number= this is harry

me= im sorry

harry=i dont have a twin

me= thats because i was talking about harry potter so i must have got the wrong number

harry= nope thats me

me= we were separated after mom and dad died

harry= oh...............

me= see you at school


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