Emma's Story


3. The day they met.

I didn't understand why she went for guys that didn't like her. She was too good. I never ever wanted to see anyone get hurt the way she did. They met in when her best friend Justin texted her. I was there. It said "hey Emma" she replied "what's good?" and then he replied back "Cameron wants you to text him" since Em had no idea who Cameron was (because she was new) she asked me who he was. I tried warning her but she ended up getting his number and texting him anyway. After that she was like in love with this guy. He knew how to sweet talk girls. He was known for being a player. I was never fond of him. I never talked to him so when Emma and Cameron hung out I stayed home. But it became a mistake after a while. I shouldn't have let her go alone. I should've been with her. She was blinded by him. He drew her in with his crowd. With the parties and the fun and games. He never showed her the real him until later on. She thought her life was great. Not knowing all them girls were fake and the pretended to like her for the sake of Cameron. There was my friend Johanna's party and I was invited and so were the popular kids. Johanna's house is known for parties with drinking. I only went because I wanted to help Johanna clean up afterwards. Well, I saw Emma there. She was wearing leggings and a crop top. I never seen her in anything skin tight. She was defiantly changing. I couldn't take it anymore. Then the part that set me off when Cameron offered her a beer. She hesitated at first and turned it down but her "friends" were encouraging her to and she couldn't take the peer pressure so I watched her take a sip of it which turned into a chug and eventually the whole beer was gone. One after another until she couldn't walk anymore. Then, they all left her. At the party. I had to do something so I decided to take her to my house until she was sober. I carried her into my car and drove about 3 miles to my house. Since it was the weekend my parents weren't home. She was passed out drunk in the backseat so I carried her inside and into my bed. I took off her shoes and places her on my bed on her side. I put a cold rag on her head. I shut the light out but left the door open just in case. Her mother had to be worried sick I thought. I ended up sleeping on the couch that night.

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