Emma's Story


2. Emma Jones?

Emma was sitting in class. Fascinated by the math but focused on the party tonight. She knew it was going to be a great party Lola Richards always had great parties. She planned her outfit this morning. Black leggings and her half top. She didn't dress slutty. She dressed more than any girls at her school did. Emma didn't live with her mom. She lived with her aunt and uncle that took care of her. They loved her more than anything. She was a darling. She never talked back and she was very respectful. Emma wasn't a bad girl it was him that ruined her. He lied to her and hurt her so bad no one understands why. She trusted and believed him. Cameron Gillin. He was in the popular crowd. None of her friends understand why she liked him. She admired him. It's hard to talk about her. She never did anything wrong to him. He just hurt her. I'll tell you how.

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