Suicide l.h

This is it.
I was going to jump off my hotel room balcony.
Im going to commit suicide.
And here it goes.


3. Luke Hemmings

Hope's P.O.V

The boy who found me came into the living room and sat next to me.

"Um, can I know your name. Please?" I asked.

"Oh. Yeah. Of course . It's Luke. Luke Hemmings." He said and then smiled.

Why do I feel like I know that name from somewhere. It sounds like a name that I use to hear a lot from my siste- oh.

My eyes widen.

Luke Hemming from 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke's P.O.V

Her eyes widen at my name.


She knows.

"Are you ok? I'm really sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

"No, uhhh, I'm... Fine. Just shocked. If you are so famous, why are you a guy version of a maid for a hotel?" I asked.

"Second job. I'm not really that famous."

"Well my younger sister is obsessed over you boys, but I only knew one of your names which was Calum, and now you." I explain.

"How old is she?"


"Cool. I wanted to ask you a question."


"Do you wanna, uh.... Crash with us, for a while? Until you're, um, you know, able to go off by yourself?" I ask.

She sits there, her eyes widening at first, but then she looks down at her shoes, then back up to my face.

"Yeah. Ok. Why not?"


Short chapter :PPP

liking it so far? I think it's cool :)) I'm really liking where it's going :))

I'm posting another Movella :) it's called Moral and it's a Calum Hood one :))

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