Suicide l.h

This is it.
I was going to jump off my hotel room balcony.
Im going to commit suicide.
And here it goes.


2. Different

Hope's P.O.V

The boy's friend got her about half an hour ago. He came and wrapped my arm with a bandage from all the cuts I had put on them. He gave me some type of drug to make me feel better, and now he is just talking to the boy who found me.

He was very attractive. That was for sure. But he seems really nice from what he's been acting like in the past hour. He also seems... Different. Like he cares for me. I've never really met anyone that has cared for me before. That I can remember anyway.

Luke's P.O.V

"Ashton what do you think I should do?" I asked. We were in one of the bedrooms, talking, while Hope is in living room still.

"Honestly. I don't know. She seems lost Luke. I think you should help her."

"But what happens when she finds out I'm 'famous'. She won't be able to handle all the hate if we get bigger. I mean, just look at the state she's in now. She's completely broken, but so beautiful."

"I don't know...... Maybe you should get to know her, and then ask if she wants to stay with us until she feels well enough to go on by her own." Ashton suggested.

"But if I get to know her, and then she seems fine, I don't want to let her go and then a week later see her on the news from a suicide attempt. The situation will be even bigger if we become famous famous because she was with us. What if they think we harnessed her or something and she thought she couldn't get away from us so she killed herself? One: I don't want something I do to ruin all of our currier, and two: I don't want to possibly see someone that could end up being our friend, commit suicide. I just.... I just want be able to handle it."

"Yeah...... I know. But this is about you Luke. You caught her trying to kill herself. When I went through the same thing, there were only two choses for me. For anyone. Either go to a mental hospital where they serve you pills everyday, or stay with friends that love and care for me. Lucky I had you guys cause If I didn't, I probably wouldn't be standing on the earth right now Luke. I think we should take her in, I mean, if she wants to. She will be serounded by boys 24/7."

"Yeah...... Ok. I'll ask."

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