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3. truth or dare?

Leah's POV:

I was kind of disappointed when I found out I was the only girl,but to be honest I really didn't care,i was spending the night with one direction.

We walked in and we all piled into the sitting area. "Hey,if you need anything,someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on I'm here" liam said awkwardly. "Thanks" I smirked. He held out his hand expecting me to shake it. I gave him a confused look. He looked down at the floor he looked disappointed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. He wrapped his arms around my waist slowly after. "I can tell we're going to be best friends" he whispered. I laughed at let go of him.

We sat down on the sofa,I put my head in Liam's lap and laid down. He stroked my hair,making convocation with everyone. "You don't mind me laying here do you?" I asked. He looked down at me with no expression on his face. "Hmmmm" was all he managed to get out. I laughed at him,he continued to stroke my hair,his touch was warm,I felt safe by him.

"Right I'm shit bored." Louis said. Everyone laughed at what his said knowing what he said made no sense. "Truth or dare?" Louis asked,everyone nodded. "Ellie truth or dare?" Louis asked. She hid her face behind her hands "dare." Louis laughed. "I dare you to go kiss harry,but kiss I mean get your tongue down there girl" everyone burst out laughing. Harry looked at me,then back to Ellie,he stood up,looking over at me again,he winked.

Ellie's POV:

I approached harry. He put his arms gently on my hips,I started to get butterflies in my... No fuck that. I started getting the zoo in my tummy. I wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss got more a more passionate. I felt his tongue slide along my bottom lip asking for entrance. I allowed it,we stood there kissing for 25seconds just like louis told us to. I turned round and sat down. "Satisfied Lou?" I said sarcastically. "Very" he replied. Everyone burst out laughing.

Liam's POV:

I was stroking Ellie's hair,it was so soft,her head was berried in my lap,she was warm. And I felt safe when She was near me,I don't know why,I barley know her and she's already having a affect on me.

"Liam truth of dare" louis said in a Italian accent. "Lou were in France not Italy" I laughed. "Oh shit I thought that was French" he laughed. Everyone else joining in. "Anyway truth or dare?" Louis continued. "Dare" I mumbled. "I dare you to tongue...." Louis started. I rolled my eyes. "Leah." He continued. I felt every pair of eyes in the room on us.

I looked at her asking for permission. She slowly nodded and sat up straight on the sofa. I tilted my head slowly,she leaned in closer. "Hurry the fuck up!" Louis screamed and laughed. Me and Leah sprung Apart "don't scare me like that Lou!" Leah burst out laughing. Me sat with my legs crossed facing Leah on the sofa. She sat on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist. I lifted my head to look up at her and tilted it back into passion. Harry yawed. But we just ignored him. I locked eyes with Leah's. I leaned forward,so did she,our lips met,I could feel fireworks exploding. Did she feel the same? The kiss got more and more passionate,I slowly laid down on my back bringing Leah with me. I slid my tongue across her bottom lip asking for entrance,she allowed it. Our tongues wrestled each other's to the back of our throats. We tongued for about 45 seconds,she pulled away,and pecked me one more time on the lips. She laid down next to me,her body touching mine,her head was buried in my chest,it felt so right,year so wrong. "Wow" I muttered. I could see her smirking. I stroked her hair as the games carried on.

Leah's POV:

I heard liam mutter "wow" I'm not going to lie it was 'wow'. I felt fireworks exploding all the way through our kiss. Did he feel the same? I felt so safe with him,his lips were warm and welcoming,and he was a great kisser!

"I'm going to get a drink want anything?" Liam whispered. "I'm good tar." I whispered back,getting up to let him off. He smiled at me the kissed my cheek before leaving. "Leah! Truth or dare?" Louis laughed. I looked at him regretting what i was going to say. "Dare" I giggled. "When liam gets back you've got to give him a love bite,make it look sexy!" He winked. "Oh my god louis."

Liam entered and put his drink on the table and sat back down. "Are you ok?" I whispered. He nodded biting his lip. "Don't hate me" I whispered,kissing his cheek,then running my fingers down his abs,I tugged his shirt up a little,he completely ignored me,everyone else acted like they didn't know what was going on,I ducked by head lower,and lifted his top a little at his tummy.

I looked up at him,to ask for permission. He looked at me confused but nodded anyway. I sucked on a spot of skin on his tummy. He looked at me and closed his eyes,I sucked harder. A small moan escaped his lips. Everyone cracked up into laughter. Liam blushed and closed his eyes again. I sucked even harder. Another small moan escaped his lips,everyone laughed again. I stoped sucking and kissed the red mark on his belly. And put his top down. I laid back with my head on his chest. Rubbing his belly behind me. Everyone had finally calmed down.

"Let's see it?" Harry smirked. Everyone crowed round us as I lifted Liam's top up. "Fuck! Nice work lee" lou said. "Mission accomplished" I smirked. "What was that for" liam whispered in my ear. I'm not going to lie His whisper voice was so sexy. "Just marking my territory" I whispered.he smirked.

He pulled me up near his face. I wasn't expecting what happened next. "Aww What was that for" I whispered. Yep. He did. Liam payne,just bit my earlobe. "For embarrassing me" he laughed. "Babe it turned you on" I laughed. "Maybe a little he whispered closing his eyes again.

"Louis truth or dare?" I said before he could ask anyone else. "Truth" he said "cough pussy cough" everyone laughed. I continued "if you had to have sex with a boy in this room right now who would it be? You have to choose someone" everyone eyed him. "Easy zayn" everyone laughed even zayn.

Liam asked ellie the next question. "Truth or dare?" He smirked. "Dare" she mumbled. "Pay back. I dare you to give louis a love bight on his collar bone." He has a devilish smile on. He opened his eyes. "I wanna see this." Everyone laughed.

Ellie's POV:

I went and got on top of louis,he laid down and shut his eyes,I laid on him and planted my lips on his collar bone. I sucked for about 10seconds a small moan escaped his lips. Everyone laughed. "Last one tomo" i whispered in his ear then going back into my original position by his shoulder. I sucked harder for about 10more seconds. This time a loud moan escaped his lips. Everyone looked horrified as they burst out into laughter.

"That's not funny" louis yelled rubbing his collar bone. "Harry truth or dare" louis asked. "Truth" he smiled. "What's your biggest regret?" Lou's asked. Harry thought for a second. Looking at me then Leah. "Walking in a coffee shop in a white shirt" Me and Leah instantly laughed because we knew what he was on about.

Leah's POV:

*bleep - 1new message ; 2new twitters* I checked my message first

From mum<3 : have a good time sweet pea,call me if you need anything,otherwise your aunties keeping in touch with me so you don't need to worry about phoning every day love you xx


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"Harry why the fuck did you tweet that photo?!" I said trying to stay calm but ended up laughing. I showed liam the picture of his mark. He just smirked. "Pass me your phone for a second" he said getting his iPhone out. I passed my iphone to him. After 5 minutes he gave my phone back. He put his number in my phone and... "Liam payne." I smirked slapping his arm.

Twitter ;

@xoleahlynchox : @real_liam_payne - I love you so much baby,your so sexy,lick my lips,let me love you,gorgeous hunk :)xxxxxxxxx

@real_liam_payne : @xoleahlynchox - love you to lee lee(: x

@xoleahlynchox : @real_liam_payne twape. (Twitter raped by @real_liam_payne ignore everything he said!!!)

"I'm gunna get you back for this." I smirked. "I'm still gunna get you back for this!" He smirked pointing at his tummy. I Yawned. "I'm going to go sleep." I said getting up,pulling liam with me.

Liam threw me one of his shirts,it was way to big for me but I didn't care. I got changed,while liam sat on his phone,he looked up patting the spot next to him on his bed,he threw the covers over our heads. I could feel him breathing on my neck. "Liam what are you-" he cut me off "revenge" I felt tugging at my top,he lifted my top up a bit and started sucking at my belly. A quiet moan escaped my lips. "Liam don't" I sighed. He ignored me getting harder and harder. I moaned again this time a little loader.he laughed. And put my top down.

I could feel his breath on my neck. He pulled the covers off us,them smirked. He looked so sexy,he only had boxers on and his abs were perfect. I snapped back to reality. "Satisfied?" I said sarcastically. "Maybe" he giggled. I looked down at my Tummy and pulled my shit up there was a red mark. I slapped him. He laughed. "Just marking my territory." He whispered.

I rolled on top of him and pushed him down. "I hate you" I said sarcastically. Our eyes locked. He leaned in,I found my self leaning in to. Our lips smashed together,he tugged at my bottom lip. The kiss got more passionate,no tongues involved. He rolled so he was on top of me. Fire works were still going off. I could feel sparks flying everywhere. He kissed at my neck and down to my shoulder. I played with the back of his hair,pulling him in more. We kissed for about a minute more before we both pulled away. He pecked me once more before holding me. I rested with my head in his chest,he wrapped his arms around me. I was warm.

Everyone had come to bed. I could tell because I felt harry kiss my cheek and whisper "goodnight gorgeous" i passed out not long after that.

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