Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


11. the last of the week

We all headed out the back where the massive pool was. I pushed harry in fully clothed. "Ah!" He screamed. Making a splash as he hit the water. Everyone was laughing so I took it as a opportunity to push louis in. "What the-" he started. "Ah!" He also screamed as he hit the water. "Who's next?" I yelled. Next thing I knew Liam had picked me up. "No!" I screamed punching his back. He kissed my head then threw me. "Ah!!!!!!!!" I screamed hitting the water. "I hate you!" I screamed to Liam. Everyone was laughing so I grabbed Ellie's ankle and pulled her in. "What the!" She screamed before hitting the water. Louis and harry jumped up and thew Niall and Liam in to.

We all took off our wet clothes and sat in the swimming pool drinking and laughing for the rest of the evening. Ed walked round our villa and round the back. Strumming his guitar. Everyone recognised the tune so we all sung along even though it wasn't planned.

This is the start of something beautiful,

This is the start of something new,

You are the one who'd make me lose it all,

You are the start of something new, ooh,

And I'll throw it all away,

And watch you fall into my arms again,

And I'll throw it all away,

Watch you fall, now,

You are the earth that I will stand upon,

You are the words that I will sing,

And I've thrown it all away,

And watched you fall into his arms again,

And I've thrown it all away,

Watched you fall, now,

And take me back,

Take me home,

Watch me fall,

Down to earth,

Take me back for,

This is the start of something beautiful,

You are the start of something new.

Liam held me and kissed my forehead. I turned round and hugged him tight. He lifted my legs around his waist and hugged me like there was no tomorrow. "I love YOU" he whispered. Emphasising the word 'you' witch I found adorable! "I love you too" I whispered kissing his cheek softly. "This is the start of something beautiful,You are the start of something new" he sung into my ear. I giggled.

I can tell this is going to be the best summer of my life. "1more week" I sighed. He shook his head. "1 more week added onto forever." He mumbled into my ear. "One day we will get married. We will have kids and we will grow old together. I promise!" He smiled. I smirked and pecked his lips. "Don't forget me" I whispered. "I won't because nothing will tear us apart ok? Nothing. It's me and you against the world." He smiled. "What if you do move on? And besides were barely going to see each other" I bit my lips trying to hold back the tears forming in my eyes. "It will work I prom-" Liam said before I cut him off. "But what if-" he cut me off and said "I promise." I let a tear drop down my cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb and held my face in his hands. He kissed me until we heard the sound again. *click* "Niall stop ruining the moment!" Liam said agitated. I laughed and grabbed my phone to see what Niall had posted.


@Niallofficial: it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes... Woah! Get a room. ;) @real_liam_payne @xostephanieox -Love you really:D x *picture attached*

"Niall" I groaned slapping his arm playfully. I got out the pool and went and got changed. It was about 7pm. The boys had started a BBQ while me and Ellie decided to do something for the boys. We wanted to write a letter to all of them from each of us so they'd always have something to remember us by. We both only got one done before the boys called us out.

Anyway here's what i wrote.

Dear my fucktard bestfriend Lou Tomo,

I feel way to old to be writing letters... Awkward! Anyway, it's our first day at Disney land and I have made a decision to write you a letter,hence why I'm writing it:D ,I'm shit at this I know,I know,I just want to give you this to remember me by. You ARE my best friend! Out of everyone in that house I could have become friends with it had to be you. The weird fucking hyper maniac who I love:p. when ever I was sad you was there to comfort me. You was the only one who could make me smile even when the sky's were grey. And there was no place to go,you made me happy. This summer has been the best summer of my life. I really don't know what I would have done without you guys... I really don't! I love you louis and nothing will change that. If we meet again in the future it would be amazing! But for now it's goodnight. Not good bye because I will see you again! I know I will! I can't imagine my life without you guys. I need you all! And remember if your ever upset look at this letter. Think of me. Think of our summer. All the jokes we had (drawing on the boys faces) all the fun times we had (singing around the fire) all the memories of us. And remember if you EVER need me,I'm only one phone call away. Goodnight buddy. Don't forget me:( please.

Love your fucktard buddy Leah xxxxxxxxxxx

Ps-keep in touch :'( x

Here's what Ellie wrote.

To louissssss tomo(:

I am going to miss you loads! I don't actually know what Leah's going to do without you,with out all of you. You made our summer the best summer anyone could ever dream off. It's so depressing we are going to have to leave you guys real soon. You were more closer to Leah than me but yanno it would still be good to keep in touch(: catch up sometime. You were always there for me,for us. You always made me smile,you are funny as fuck. And don't worry when we meet again in the feature I will get revenge for you drawing on Nialls face! Don't think I've forgotten because I haven't :D you are pretty amazing Lou, you have a heart full off gold and we love you! Don't be upset we're gone,we will meet again.

Love Ellie:) xxx

-ps keep a eye on the boys for us. Forget me forget both of us. Please.

"Dinner" Liam called. Me and Ellie both his our letters and went out to eat with everyone. Everyone had smiles on there faces,witch made me and Ellie both burst out into tears. "Hey hey hey what's wrong" louis asked kissing both out heads then hugging us. "We don't want to leave you guys" Ellie managed to sniffle out. Niall started crying and hugged Ellie tight. "It's not goodbye" he whispered. "This will work he added"

We all had a amazing night,singing,smiling,laughing,making jokes. Being happy.

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