Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


2. Paris

Leah's POV:

I woke up to Ellie singing in my ear. "Wake the fuck up!" She was singing making up different tunes. I opened my eyes and jumped up instantly. What are you waiting for? I asked Ellie and I grabbed my stuff and ran off the plane. "Typical" I heard Ellie mutter behind me. I couldn't help but laugh.

We got our suit cases and made our way over to the exist.

From Jane ; were are you sweetie x. To Jane ; by the small coffee shop meet us in there(: going to grab a quick coffee x. From Jane ;okay sweet pea,meet you in 10. X.

I locked my phone and put it back in my pocket, "two coffees to take away please" I asked. then I realised they speak French! How stupid and embarrassing of me. Ellie laughed her head off at me. "LOOOOOL" she yelled. Luckily there was someone who spoke English there. She served me "thanks" I said grabbing all my stuff and leaving,I looked behind to see we're Ellie was, "look out!" She screamed. Just then a boy walked right into me and I spilled my coffee all over his white t-shirt.

"Im so sorry" I said pulling him aside. I grabbed napkins from behind me and whipped his shirt. "Hey let me do that" said a muscular voice. "Na babe it's fine I got it" I replied. Did I just really call this bloke babe? Fuck. Blame Towie!

He lifted his my chin up with his finger,he smirked. "Harry styles?" I said blankly. "Yes your not a crazed fan!" He laughed. I smiled. Ellie came running up to me. "Janes waiting come on." I couldn't seem to move. I felt paralysed as my eyes locked to Harry's. My phone beeped. *1message form Ellie* I knew she was right behind me so I just ignored it.

"Hey can I borrow that" I gave him a confused look but obeyed him anyway. He got out his phone and started typing something into it. I'll text you later. He whispered in my ear,kissing me on the cheek. I laughed and turned round,still feeling paralysed,until Ellie grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the shop.

"Harry fucking styles." I mumbled. "Has got my number" I continued. She laughed trying to hide her excitement. I could sense it. Like I said I could read her cover to cover.

"Jane!" I called running over to her. She hugged me and Ellie and off we went. We drove to her house,it had 3 floors,two kitchens,2sitting rooms,3bath rooms and 4bed rooms. She showed us were we were sleeping. Me and Ellie spent about a hour unpacking before we decided to go out for lunch. "Well be back later!" I called to my auntie jane. "Okay sweetie stay safe"

*bleep - 1new message*

From Sexy styles;)x : meet me? X

To sexy styles;)x : sure,and really harry? Sexy styles?

From sexy styles;)x : you know it! Meet me at the park your at right now? I don't know the area well so yeah x

To sexy styles;)x : ok... Wait how do you know I'm walking though a park?x

From sexy styles;)x : ...

"What does dot dot dot mean?" I asked Ellie. "I'm guessing it means dot dot dot" she said sarcastically.

Harry's POV:

I could see her right in front of me,wait? Shit! I forgot to ask what her name was! I was with the boys walking about 60cm behind the girls I silently ran behind them and put my hands over the long blond hair girl,I remembered it was her because I put her contact name as blondy. "Guess who" I whispered in her ear. I put my body against hers,I could feel the shivers going down her back. I had a effect on her... I liked that. "Umm let me guess louis Tomlinson?" She joked removing my hands.

I kissed her on the cheek to greet her. "Hey" she said,kissing all the boys hello in greeting. Ellie did the same. Her and niall talked all afternoon. "I think we should set them up" Leah nudged me. I smirked then winked. It hit 10pm. "Sh!t it's getting late me and ellie should get back." Leah yawned. "You can stay the night at ours it's closer and we'll drop you off tomorrow morning after our sound check" I offered. "Erm..." Leah hesitated. "Let me go call jane." She continued.

"Who?" I mouthed to Ellie. "Auntie" she mouthed back. "Looks like we're staying with you guys then" she smiled. I smiled back.

We got to the hotel there was paparazzi and fans everywhere. We ran to the doors,and ran for the lift. "Sorry about that" I smirked. "It happens a lot" Ellie laughed. "We're all in the same apartment,2rooms..." Louis explained. He continued. "Perrie,Ellie,niall and zayn in a room and Leah,harry,liam and I in a room ok?" Everyone nodded.

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