Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


12. out in Disney land

Liam's POV:

I woke up next to my gorgeous girl this morning. I don't know what I'm going to do without her by my side. I know for sure that I'm not going to end it for us. Not in a million years. I love this girl. I have to make this work. I will make this work.

"Morning" I heard a small whisper. I snapped out my day dream and looked down at Leah. I kissed her forehead and held her tight. Tears were forming in my eyes. But I didn't care I just let them fall.

"Why are you crying?" She asked rubbing my back. "I don't want you to leave,I don't want to not be able to hold you at night and wake up to your face. I don't want to break up with you. I just want to be with you. Forever." I cried. "Hey and we will be,believe it or not I don't want to go. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to forget what we've got. And I won't. I promise. One day we will get married and grow old together." She smiled kissing my cheek. I smiled back.

"Get ready we're going out for breakfast" louis called. I kissed Leah gently then allowed her to go and get ready.

Leah's POV:

I had a shower,blow dried my hair then got changed. I put my high wasted denim shorts on with a pink tank top and my black leather jacket. I put on my pink vans and put my hair up into a messy bun. I did my make up before heading out to see the boys.

I walked into the sitting room in the villa and everyone was sitting silently. "Cheer up?" I mumbled. Everyone looked at me upset. Even Ellie. I pulled her aside.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Jane called. My sisters been in a accident,nothing major but I need to go and see her,so I'm flying out early tomorrow morning." She sighed. "I'm coming with you" I smiled. "No you stay here! Spend your last 2days with the boys" she insisted. "No we fly our together we fly back together. Ellie were bestfriends. You go I go right?" I smiled. She hugged me tight.

"Well come on we better get going" harry called. "Speaking of witch were nesting zayn and Perrie there" he added. I grabbed Liam's hand as we walked down to a small restaurant. We sat down and greeted Zayn and Perrie. We took pictures with each other and the characters. Me and harry got a picture with Micky mouse. And me and louis got a picture with Donald Duck. We also took group pictures with all of us in. I stitched all the photos together and posted it on twitter.


@xoleahlynchox: *sigh* I'm going to miss this :'( *picture attached*

I locked my phone and smiled at everyone. "We're going to watch the fireworks later at that Disney castle thing" Niall tried to explain. I laughed. "That should be fun" Ellie smiled. "We're always be together won't we?" Niall asked Ellie. "I'm not giving up on you" Ellie replied. "I'm not giving up on you either" Niall smiled and kissed Ellie. I took a picture and posted it on twitter.


@xoleahlynchox : Get a room... ;) *picture attached*

We went and watched the fireworks around 7pm,they were amazing! I snuggled close to Liam. "Together forever" he whispered. I smiled. "I promise" I whispered. We took pictures of us kissing in front of the fireworks and castle. It was like a dream. "We've wrote something for you girls" Liam smiled. Niall pulled out his guitar and started strumming. The boys started to sing.





Can't believe you're packing your bags

Trying so hard not to cry

Had the best time and now it's the worst time

But we have to say goodbye


Don't promise that you're gonna write

Don't promise that you'll call

Just promise that you won't forget we had it all

[Naill (All):]

'Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know it's nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love


Wish that we could be alone now

If we could find some place to hide

Make the last time just like the first time

Push a button and rewind


Don't say the word that's on your lips

Don't look at me that way

Just promise you'll remember

When the sky is grey

[Niall (All):]

'Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know it's nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love


So please don't make this any harder

We can't take this any farther

And I know there's nothing that I wanna change, change


'Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know it's nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love (summer love)

You always will be my summer love (summer love)

You always will be my summer love (yeah)

You always will be my summer love

Me and Ellie were both in tears. The line that got to me was ' Don't promise that you're gonna write,Don't promise that you'll call,just promise that you won't forget we had it all' Liam smiled and kissed me and with that it was already 11pm. "We better get going" Ellie called. I half smiled and nodded. We all got up and walked back to our villa in silence.

We reached the front door and Niall nodded at Liam. Just then both the boys had picked me and Ellie up bridal style. "What the fuck?" I heard Ellie laugh. I grabbed round Liam's neck and kissed him. Niall ran Ellie into there room and locked the door. I laughed.

Liam kicked open our door and locked it behind us. He placed me on the bed and hovered over me kicking his shoes off. I did the same. I pulled his shirt over his head and rolled so I was on top of him. I kissed down his bare chest,all the way to the bottom of his tummy. He groaned,I tugged at his trousers and pulled them down,following by his boxers,I dipped my head to wrap my lips around the glistening head. He gasped and pushed into my mouth. I slid back up, my tongue tracing the underside of Liam's dick. Multiple times. He swore relentlessly and moaned and groaned and with a bit of my name, he came. I swallowed quickly and pulled my body back up so I was kissing him again. He rolled so he was on top of me, he moved his lips to my neck and kissed down tugging my top and jacket off. He kissed down my stomach,I groaned as he got closer to my pants. He tugged my shorts off. I groaned again. He came back up and kissed me,un clipping my bra. I could feel his hard one though my underwear. "Liam" I groaned. He smirked. He pulled down my underwear,and pulled a condom out his bag. He put it on and kissed me again. he lined up and pushed inside me. We both groaned. I had tingles all in my body. It hurt a first but once he had a steady rhythm going, I went with it and it felt really good. He kissed me as he moved. Once he came again. He pulled out. Witch hurt. A lot. I almost screamed,with pleasure.

Liam got up and got a pair of boxers out his suit case I did that same,putting on a long top. I got back into bed and wrapped the covers around me. Liam got in the other side. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my shoulder. "I love you" he whispered, "I love you too" I whispered back. "That's going to be the last time I have sex in a while" he sighed. I laughed and slapped him playfully. "It was the best sex I've ever had though" he added. I rolled my eyes and kissed him. I snuggled into his chest and fell asleep the happiest girl alive. I woke up at 2am and rang Ellie.

"Hello?" She whispered.

"Ellie come into the sitting room we've got to finish these letters!" I whispered back.

"Why couldn't you just come and get me?" She laughed.

"Because I didn't want to walk in on you after you've had a bit of sexy time?" I questioned.

"Oh right" she laughed

"Give me a second!" She added.

I laughed then hung up. I got straight to writing my letters.

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