Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


13. letters

Leah's letters :

To zayniee,

We haven't been the closest but I feel like I've still made a new best friend,out of the time we've talked and seen each other you've been a really good friend to me,you are funny and such a smart ass;) sorry about drawing on your face,honestly it was all louis fault! :D love you zayniee x

Love leeeeeeeaaaahhh (: xxx


To hazza x,

Harry honestly I never thought that we'd be friends after I spilt coffee all over you! I remember first looking into your eyes I was paralysed it sounds creepy I know! You were one off my bestest friends in the house. I don't want our friendship to end! Skype,call,message me when ever you need me,because I will always be there for you! No matter were you guys are in this world,I will always be thinking about you. I love you hazza never forget us.

Love Leah xxx


Dear my fucktard bestfriend Lou Tomo,

I feel way to old to be writing letters... Awkward! Anyway, it's our first day at Disney land and I have made a decision to write you a letter,hence why I'm writing it:D ,I'm shit at this I know,I know,I just want to give you this to remember me by. You ARE my best friend! Out of everyone in that house I could have become friends with it had to be you. The weird fucking hyper maniac who I love:p. when ever I was sad you was there to comfort me. You was the only one who could make me smile even when the sky's were grey. And there was no place to go,you made me happy. This summer has been the best summer of my life. I really don't know what I would have done without you guys... I really don't! I love you louis and nothing will change that. If we meet again in the future it would be amazing! But for now it's goodnight. Not good bye because I will see you again! I know I will! I can't imagine my life without you guys. I need you all! And remember if your ever upset look at this letter. Think of me. Think of our summer. All the jokes we had (drawing on the boys faces) all the fun times we had (singing around the fire) all the memories of us. And remember if you EVER need me,I'm only one phone call away. Goodnight buddy. Don't forget me:( please.

Love your fucktard buddy Lee xxxx

Ps-keep in touch :'( x


To niallerrrrrrr :D x ,

Niall! Where the fuck am I going to be without you? You are my bestfriends boyfriend and all I know is she's going to blab about you everyday crying into my ears about how much she loves and misses you. Don't break her or I'll break you. You annoying little faggot :D I'm joking I'm joking I love you:) although you are a annoying little faggot:p you ever post pictures of me kissing again I'll kill you;)

Love Leah x

-ps sorry about drawing on your face ,keep in touch x


I'm 1000000% gutted that I've got to leave you behind. You've made my life complete. You are my life now. I can't... I won't ever forget you. We will meet again,get married and grow old together one day. I promise. You are my bestfriend and boyfriend all that the same time,it's funny it feels like I've known you my whole life,I feel like I can't even remember a time we weren't together. Now I'm thinking back to the time when we promised it would last forever. I will always be thinking about you, I don't know where you are,but you are always going to be in my heart. Your my life. I love you so much it's un real. It's funny to think when we both first met we didn't really talk. Then after that kiss we got dared into happened. It was like we was meant to be. Every time wee kiss I still feel a spark,I'm going to miss that. I'm going to miss cuddling on to you and kissing you when ever I wanted,I'll see you on posters and in magazines but inside I'll live a broken dream. I'll see you soon baby,I promise,keep in touch.

I love you payniee x

ALL my LOVE Leah xxxxxxxxxxx


Ellie's letters :

To zayn,

We haven't been the closest but I feel like I've still made a new best friend,out of the time we've talked and seen each other you've been a really good friend to me,you are funny and such a sweet heart keep in touch

From Ellie x


To liam,

Liam,you make my bestfriend happy,I can imagine It now,for the next couple of months she's going to be crying to me about how she misses you and loves you so much,don't break her. You promised that one day you will marry her,so I'm going to give you the brotherly sisterly talk now :D . 'Hurt her I'll hurt you' and that's a promise :D ,love you Liam (:

From Ellie x


To harry,

Harry,the first time I really got to know you was when we got dared to kiss... Awkward. Anyways,that wasn't the best way to meet but since then we got pretty close :) you are 1 of the 5 of my new best friends. You made me and Leah have the bests summer of our lives. Your one of the funniest people I know,and when you get a girlfriend I must be the first to meet her:D look after your self styles, keep in touch,love you x

From Ellie x


To louissssss tomo(:

I am going to miss you loads! I don't actually know what Leah's going to do without you,with out all of you. You made our summer the best summer anyone could ever dream off. It's so depressing we are going to have to leave you guys real soon. You were more closer to Leah than me but yanno it would still be good to keep in touch(: catch up sometime. You were always there for me,for us. You always made me smile,you are funny as fuck. And don't worry when we meet again in the feature I will get revenge for you drawing on Nialls face! Don't think I've forgotten because I haven't :D you are pretty amazing Lou, you have a heart full off gold and we love you! Don't be upset we're gone,we will meet again.

Love Ellie:) xxx


Niall xxxxx,

This is going to be the hardest letter for me to write... Niall. You made my summer complete. We clicked instantly. Your the easiest person to talk to,and you where always there for me,I love you to the moon and back. I will never forget you. Ever! And that's a promise. You are my life! You go I go. I'm going to miss waking up to your smile every morning,I'm going to miss seeing the bright blue eyes everyday. I'm going to miss cuddling up to you every night. I'm going to die without you. Your everything that matter to me. Keep in touch,never let go. I will never forget you baby I love you so much xxxxxx

From Ellie xxxxxx


"Done" Ellie whispered. We placed the letters on the table and grabbed our suit cases. The boys alarms went off. I sighed. "I'm going to miss you" someone cried in my ear. I turned around. Aww it was louis. "Don't cry." I rubbed his back. He nodded and whipped his eyes. All the boys followed out. We stood in a group hug for a couple of minutes then headed off.

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