Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


14. goodbye

Leah's POV:

We arrived at the airport in silence,no one even dared to speak. Everyone had tears forming in there eyes. "It won't be forever" I whispered. Everyone looked at me. I shrugged and going out the car grabbing my bags and walking towards the entrance. Everyone following,including security. There was fans everywhere. Liam caught up to me and grabbed my bag out my hand and put it on his shoulder. He grabbed my hand in his as we walked through the entrance.

We went through security and waited for our flight to bored. "Jane!" I called running up to my auntie. "Hello love" she called. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Just come to say good bye sweet pea" she smiled. I hugged her tight.

"Flight 234 London is ready to bored" a voice called. Everyone suddenly burst out into tears. Ellie and I hugged all the boys goodbye. I gave louis a extra long one. "Keep in touch" I half smiled. "Skype me later" he smiled. I smirked. I saved Liam for last. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed passionately,no tongues. We both had tears rushing down our faces. Ellie and Niall were also crying. We all stood in a group hug for a while. "Flight 234 London is ready to bored." The voice called again. "It won't be forever" I half smiled. "Together forever" Liam smiled. "I promise" I smiled hugging him one last time.

Me and Ellie both waved them all goodbye,tears still rushing down all our faces,I texted Liam quickly remembering I forgot to tell them about the letters.

Liam<3<3<3 : we left you guys something on the table back at the villa . X I love you. xx forever and always.

I turned off my phone. This really was goodbye. For now.


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