Summer love

as I've said,this isn't copied,I've lost all my movellas off my phone,so trying to put them back on,there for there won't be any squeals as I have lost all my stories. Vary sorry. ENJOY(: x


9. dodgy past

Louis POV:

A hour had past and everyone had done packing. "Here we come!" Harry yelled running into the main lobby of the hotel. "Oh my god,we have to get a picture with Micky mouse!" I said sarcastically. He laughed. Security grabbed our bags and put them in the van while we sat and waited in the main lobby.

"Listen I don't know about you but I'm going to get a picture with Micky!" Harry laughed. "Ill pass" I laughed. He smirked. "Might try and pull a few ladies while were there" he winked. I just laughed. The elevator made a 'beep' noise to let people know it was coming down. Out pop something I wasn't expecting. A creature I have never seen anything like before. She had brown chocolate eyes and long brown hair. She looked a lot like Leah,just with brown hair and blue eyes. She pulled all her suitcases out the elevator and sat down with...

"Oh my god ed what are you doing here?" I screamed. He hugged me. "Just about to head off to Disney land" he replied. "Oh my same! Will you be riding with us?" I asked. "I think so" he laughed. "Ed... Fucking... Sheeran..." I heard a whisper from behind me. "Ha, this is Leah your biggest fan" Harry laughed. "Leah?" Another small whisper. She looked in the direction the noise came from. "Eleanor?" She asked excited. "Oh my god! It's been years" the girl called Eleanor yelled,hugging Leah in greeting.

Eleanor's POV:

"What are you doing here?" I asked Leah excitedly. "Well actually were about to head off" she laughed. "Same" I laughed. "Coincidence" she giggled. "Oh my god liam! Hey what are you doing here!" I screamed running to liam and wrapping my legs round him. "I've missed you so much!" I smiled. He smiled back. "I've missed you too el" he said pecking me on the lips then heading to sit down. "Oh... Hey Leah" liam said awkwardly.

"Wait you two know each other?" I asked suspiciously. Leah ran off crying. I guess she just saw what happened? But why would she get upset? It's not like Liam's going out with anyone? Is he!

"Liam you've fucked up mate" harry yelled running after Leah. "I haven't done nothing wrong?" Liam screamed back. "So you honestly didn't just kiss Eleanor." Harry yelled back. "Fuck sake." Liam yelled back.

"Shut the fuck up!" I screamed. "Harry go see if Leah's ok." I ordered. He nodded and carried on running the same way Leah did. "Liam what's going on!" I demanded for a answer. "Nothing,people just get the wrong end of the stick!" He muttered. "So you and Leah ain't going out?" I asked confused. He looked at me. "Well" I asked. He kept starring. "Oh my god." Louis yelled. "You disgust me!" Louis yelled pointing towards Liam.

"Louis it's not what you think!" He yelled. "So you two ain't going out?" Louis asked me and Liam. "We used to now were just bestfriends, I dumped Liam and he promised he would always wait for me for when I wanted to try again" I explained. "Tough he's taken!" Louis said. Looking at Liam coldly. "Is this true Li?" I asked. He nodded.

Leah's POV:

"Go away!" I screamed to harry,running into the bedroom. "No!" He yelled back. I cried into the pillow that was in front of me. Harry laid on my bed and rubbed circles into my back. Just then Louis stormed in...

"Leah. You've got it partly wrong!" He yelled. "Yep because kissing someone without being dared to isn't wrong" I yelled. "Yes he did do that,but there ex boyfriend and girlfriend! There just bestfriends" he explained. "You sure Lou?" I asked hopeful. "Yes! But he promised ages ago that he's wait for eleanor for when she was ready to try again with him" he muttered. I was full of anger I got my pillow and threw it at Lou. It hit him right in the face. "I didn't deserve that" he said Calmly,now sitting on my bed stroking my hair as harry drew circles in my back.

Liam stormed in. "Leah it's not what it looks like" he sobbed. I grabbed my other pillow and threw it at him in anger. "Fuck!" He yelled as it hit him in the face. "Fuck off" I cried. "The cars ready guys we have to leave now!" Ed yelled coming in with Eleanor. I got up and stormed out the room with the boys. Liam and Eleanor following behind. No one spoke a word.

"Finally you guys! Come on!" Niall laughed. Everyone starred. "Woah what happened here?" He asked. "He won't stop fucking harassing me" I spat through my teeth,pointing at Liam. "Niall?" Eleanor smiled. Running hugging him. "Hey" niall laughed picking her up and spinning her round. "You can take my boyfriend but don't even think about touching my bestfriends boyfriend!" I yelled with disgust.

"It's going to look odd if you and Liam don't walk out together you know? Paparazzi will make up what they can,you guys know that right." Niall assured me and Liam,changing the subject. "I don't care." I spat through my teeth again. "Here... Cover up your face so it don't look like you've been crying" louis said handing me his Snap back. I took off my beanie and put on Lou's hat.

Niall and Ellie walked hand in hand out of the hotel,followed by harry and ed,then Liam and Eleanor then me and Lou. The boys took some pictures with the fans while me and Ellie and Eleanor got in the van.

"It's not how you-" Eleanor spoke. I cut her off I really couldn't be bothered with her bullshit. "Save it" I muttered. Sitting down at the vary back of the van. Ellie sat on the opposite side to me leaving room for Niall. Eleanor sat at the very front avoiding us.

It was a long car drive. The traffic was terrible. Liam came and sat down next to me. I ignored him. I got out my phone and went on twitter to see what tabloids had already posted about us.

Liam Payne and Leah Lynch broken up,already?

Today at 3:15pm,singer Liam Payne, was spotted walking out of the hotel in front of his girlfriend. 'Doesn't seem like a big deal?' He came out with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder . Has Liam Payne really let ordinary girlfriend 'LeahLynch' from London go,for ex-girlfriend Eleanor?

Resources also say that when Eleanor Calder arrived,Liam greeted her in a vary friendly way,maybe to friendly. He picked her up and kissed her on the lips. Resources also show Leah knew Eleanor Calder.

Resources tell me that louis was walking next to Leah holding a white beanie in his hand. And Leah wearing Tomlinson SnapBack? 'Doesn't seem like a big deal again I know' but resources also tell me,Leah had tears running down her face and also looked like she was crying.

*picture attached*

"Should Payne and Lynch make up? Or break up?"

Post your opinions here.

@Directioner2000: make up!

@real_liam_payne: make up...

@eleanorJcalder: make up.

@xoelliewoodox: break up.

@sidney304: break up.

@xoleahlynchox: yep.

I just posted the word 'yes' I was confused and I knew that that was a decision I wasn't willing to make while I was in this state. Liam looked at me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. "It was a long time ago. I promise" he forced a smile. His lips brushed against my ear making me so tempted to kiss him. I looked at him,and then back down to my phone. "I love you" he said kissing my cheek. "You don't" I mumbled not bothering to look at him.

I opened twitter to see what people had been posting.


@real_liam_payne: @xoleahlynchox I love you x

@eleanorjcalder: tabloids are full of shit,ignore them. X

@xoleahlynchox : actually @eleanorjcalder there very true. And very detailed. Hardly full of shit if I saw it with my own eyes anyway. No point denying it pmsl! xD

@eleanorjcalder: immature people...

I favourited Eleanor's tweet. Just to piss her off. Then I saw what was trending.


#teamleah! -115,789 tweets using the hashtag

#teameleanor! -110,034 tweets using the hashtag

#makeup -156,847 tweets using the hashtag

#breakup -2,304 tweets using the hashtag.

I didn't bother looking at what type of tweets there was,I just messaged my mum and auntie jane to tell them where I was going. I also messaged my friends from London on Facebook telling them everything before locking my phone.

I sat still and looked straight not saying anything for a good 20 minutes. Before I realised I was still wearing louis SnapBack. I put my beanie on and took of the SnapBack and threw it back to louis. "Thanks" he smiled. "Your welcome" I laughed.

"Leah me and you are going to get a picture with Micky mouse! Louis won't come with me!" Harry called. "Ok hazza will do" I laughed.

"So your talking now?" Liam smiled. I ignored him. "Silent treatment yay!" He said sarcastically. "Go fuck yourself." I said before getting up and sitting in the spare seat next to harry and louis. We were talking and laughing,making jokes along the way. "I need to update my Facebook picture! Selfie!" I yelled pulling out my phone and getting the camera up. Both of the boys kissed my cheeks as I took the picture. I also tweeted the picture after.

Twitter :

@xoleahlynchox: Out! Having fun with the bestfriends! @harry_styles @Louis_tomlinson *picture attached*

"I love you guys" I smirked. And "we" louis spoke. "Love" harry continued. "You!" They both shouted. "Group hug!" Niall yelled jumping out his seat then on to my lap. We all sat there hugging before niall got told to return to his seat by the driver. We all laughed. "ByeBye" I smirked. He stuck his tongue out at me and I did the same back to him. We both laughed.

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