Life In Hell

I don't want to give anything away ;)


2. Chapter 2

I spent the rest of the day playing truth or dare. I was asked to make out with Jason during it. So awkward! Claire only gave me that dare because she knew that I've liked him for about two years.

Jason is really shy so even if he did like me back, no way would he admit it! He was my closest guy friend though. I tell him everything (apart from girl stuff like boys ect). He also happened to be Scotland's cousin so that made it way better. To be honest I don't even know how Jason got into our group or of friends. He's really quiet and not dirty at all. The rest of us are quite dirty. But Josh and Tiff are the dirtiest of us all.

Josh and Tiff are perfect for each other! Neither of them has the nerve to ask the other out though. It really annoys me sometimes. They are just so perfect together! They even finish each others sentences sometimes. Once they leaned in for the kiss but Tiff quickly realized what she was doing and pulled away. She really confuses me sometimes. I'm gonna ask her later because I really want to know why they won't go out. I'm so nosy!

I asked Tiff why they don't go out and she replied "Why don't you and Jason go out?" I honestly had no reply to that. I decided to ignore that comment.

When I went home I knocked on my parents bedroom door. I heard moans coming from the other side. When no one answered the door I called. "Mom, are you alright?" My mom called back, "Yes I'm fine, dear. Go and do your homework." She was obviously not fine because it was summer. There was no school. But I was tired so I decided to forget about it and go to sleep.

Two weeks later

"Cassidy, I'm pregnant." The news hit me like a bomb. Then I remembered the night I heard moaning in her room.... EWWWWW that's not right! She's way to old!

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