Life In Hell

I don't want to give anything away ;)


1. Chapter 1

I was reading in my room, completely alone. Just the way I like it, when my mom called me. "Honey Bunny, your boyfriend's here." I wanted to strangle her. She just had to embarrass me in front of my NON boyfriend. He likes me but I don't like him. I just want to be friends. 

I ran downstairs and gave my mom the death glare before dragging Scotland out the door. We ran straight into some very bitchy girls. "Oh, hey Scotland. Off with your girlfriend Wales?" I felt a sudden burst of anger. "Fuck off, you bitches!" They glared at me and walked off.

Scotland always needed me to stick up for him. I was his only friend. And he is NOT gay! Or is he... Ugh no that's just me being stupid. Of course he isn't gay, he likes me for fuck sake. Or is he just saying that to cover up? Shut up me! Sorry I'm so weird....

Me and Scotland walked around town for awhile before he went home. I decided to stay so I could meet up with some of my friends that don't exactly like Scotland. They think he is too quiet and boring.

I met up with them outside the shopping center. "Hey, bitches" I greeted. My BFF Tiffany ran over to me and hugged me. "I haven't seen you in like, months!" she complained. "Tiff, I only saw you yesterday!" Claire, Jason, Anna and Josh were smiling at me from the bike racks.

A/N: Sorry this chapter was so short. It was just showing the basics of the story. Things will get more interesting from now on :)

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