The Hole.


1. The Hole.

I guess my life's never been simple. 
I've never really been happy to be honest with you. 
Most people's childhood ends when they reach adulthood, mine however, ended when I was 6 years old. 

I guess you're wondering what I'm talking about, right?

Well, when I was six years old my mother had left me on my own to fend for myself and I guess that truly was the turning point for me, my life seeming nothing but simple had turned into a mess. 

Where's my father you're wondering?
He died when I was 4 months old. 
Or at least that's what I was told, I never was sure as to whether or not anyone ever told me anything but endless lies. 

I had always envied other people's lives, I was now 18 years old and lived by myself in a tatty tearaway house, my bedroom was a small box room with crooked walls that looked like they were about to fall down at any moment and the ceiling was cracked an awful lot. 

Not many people could deal with what I do every single day. 

I suppose this was my fate from the very beginning. 


New Movella, not a fanfic, hope you guys like it.


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