A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


12. Winter

Still every night the girls sat around the fire and Ivy sewed and worked on her top. She already had legging and she wore the with her dress. Now she was sewing enchanted leaves together to make a top. The days were getting colder and she supposed they were nearing winter. Selena and Amber didn't mind but the rest of the girls were shivering. Thalia had never seemed so distant, but Ivy had never loved her as much.

Lia was getting dressed and the rest of the girls were roasting dragon on a spit. Once the attacks started to happen with alarming frequency they stopped eating Ivy's animals, partly because she wanted to increase the population until the camp was filled with them, and partly because the monster meat was more nutritious.

The ground shook, "Damn all to the 7th layer of hell will it ever end?" cursed Ivy.

"Come come children, you think yourselves sly? Come come fight me, come come die!" said a singsong voice.

The girls ran out to meet this odd monster, so far none of the monsters had talked. Ivy started as she as saw the horned girl with the black wings of a fallen angel. "Oh we are so damned, that is a Star Devil. It has two forms that of a Lamia and that which it wears now. Okay Saffron as far as I know you might be able to beat it. We are going to help you as much as we can."

"Ohh a Dark damon," The star devil laughed. Then a bolt shot from her fingers and hit Sylvia. She did not even have the chance to cry out before falling to the ground.

"You don't threaten my friends!" And Lia was there. She was wearing half of a suit of armor. The gauntlets on her wrist blazed and the armor was golden and it shone like the sun. Her legs had the normal tall black boots, hard leather that dared any sword to test its edge. The top was half finished, leaving off where a plated skirt should have began.

Ivy recognised the armor, it was the scales of a Scorpion Bolt, one of the most powerful creature that roam the land, and this one was golden. A golden scorpion bolt was the strongest of all. Thier skin was the best armor, nothing could match it. It directed a damage back to the person who dealt it, that was if they managed to do any damage. Any magic attacks were converted into magic energy that Lia could use to attack, and most weapons blunted and repealed and the hardened scales. Any attack would have to hit her breast, neck or face to do any damage, and then it would be transferred from Lia back to the person who dealt it. With it Lia was nearly indestructible. Some one would have to be suicidal and deal her so much damage that their body could not take it and left the damage that their body would not take on Lia. Or they would have to get her armor off.

The star devil noticed the origins of the armor as well. She hissed angrily. Knowing she was beaten she turned to leave. Thalia wouldn't let her go so easily. "You have taken one of us, and so we shall take your life in return!" Thalia shouted angrily.

The devil turned and Saffron's spell slammed into to her. "Nova!" said Saffron. The devil's eyes widened then she fell to the ground dead. Ivy didn't have time to ponder a horribly fierce opponent downed in one spell. She ran over Sylvia, she was on the ground, but she was breathing and there was no sign of damage.

"Sylvia?" Ivy asked concerned.

"Yeah Ivy?"Sylvia replied and opened her eyes. Ivy jumped back and screamed in shock. In Sylvia's eyes was the reflection of stars and galaxies, her fears had come true. "What's wrong?" Sylvia asked, then she screamed. There was a flash of complete darkness then there was speckled dots of light, then there was the camp again.

Sylvia was standing up with large spread black feathered wings and horns. The spitting image of the star devil, just with Sylvia's feature and figure, and her eyes had no pupils, they were dark glowing orbs with millions of stars contained within them. "I feel so weird what happened?" she asked a loopily.

"No no no!" Ivy cried "Often when a star devil gets into a dangerous fight with more than one opponent the star devil will shoot a spell at one of the other side, if the star devil wins she will kill that person, if she dies that person will become a star devil. Sort of as a last revenge, and also to keep the star devil race going," Ivy's head was in her hands, she could not even look at Sylvia. Even she finally got the courage to look Sylvia in the eyes, they were filled with horror. Even without pupils the stars were getting bright and the eyes were big and round. Then Sylvia turned and fled. Her house was in the sky and she ran up the long ladder to get there. "I wound if she realizes she can fly?" Ivy murmured to Saffron.

"I'll go see if she is okay," said Saffron.

"I think she probably wants to be alone, I don't think going up there is the best thing right now," Warned Ivy.

"Yeah, I know she wants to be alone, but she is very upset right now and she needs someone." replied Saffron. "I know, I went through the same thing, knowing you are no longer quite human. Whether you want someone or not, you need them." Saffron sighed. And Ivy was reminded once more that Saffron had not always been a dark damon, that she had once been human. Sylvia had drawn up the ladder, so Saffron spread her great wings and the air filled with strong wind and she beat upwards then shen glided into the door of the house. Ivy went to talk to Thalia.

"How did you defeat the scorpion bolt?" She asked. Thalia would not look her in the eye. "You looked into its eyes! That's so reckless! What were you thinking of?" She understood now why Thalia was so distant. 

"It was destroying us," said Thalia.

"And now its destroying you!" Thalia looked up confusion written on her face. "You think I don't know what happens when you look into it's eyes? You saw the death of all of us. You know how we are going to die. And you know there are ways of preventing it, but you don't know what they are. Why  were you so stupid as to look into its eyes?" Ivy was nearly screaming. She calmed herself down "I should have known, one one way to kill those, with extremely strong magic and armor made from the skin of another. Or take its burden for just a second, and to live free of that pain for just a second it would gladly die." Thalia nodded, tears in her eyes, then she ran. "danm Thalia why?" Ivy muttered as she left.

Once she was back in her garden looked at the rock juniper. She formed a connection "What do I do? Is there anything I can do for her?" She asked the tree.

"Perhaps you can stop accusing her?" The wise old tree said.

"Yes, Yes that is the best thing for her." chimed the lavender.

"I didn't ask you," laughed Ivy. "Is that really all I can do?" she asked the tree.

"Yes, perhaps this is for the better, she has already prevented one tragedy." The wise tree murmured.

"What?" asked Ivy. "Oh heaven and hell, the Dragon."

"Yes, had she not already known you would have died dear child." Ivy put her head in her hands.

"But often that gift acts as a curse! In trying to prevent it she might cause it," said Ivy bitterly.

"Have faith," The tree said sternly. Ivy looked up in surprise. "Thalia is wiser than you think, little one. She will not act until the right time."

Ivy looked at the tree reverently, "Thank you, your counsel is wise." Ivy thanked the tree. She stood, "Now I need to go apologise."

Ivy left her garden and felt the rain pounding down from the sky. It was coming down so hard and so fast that it felt like hail, it was a sure sign that Thalia was very upset. Ivy ran all the way to the house before pausing at the bubble of water. She took a deep breath and stepped into the water. She was unsurprised to find that she could breathe the water like air. It was magic water and the fact that she could breathe it meant that Thalia had decided to let visitors into her house. Ivy sighed and walked through the water. She could see through the water like blurry air. But where there were walls Thalia had colored the water black. She also turned the to ice so that you could not walk through them. Ivy swam through the house and entered Thalia's bedroom. "Would you mind turning down the rain?" Ivy shouted over the roaring.

Thalia looked up "Ivy, I wondered how long it would take you to come." She waved her hand, and the rain reduced to a gentle pattering.

"The Dragon, that was the death you saw for me," Ivy said quietly.

"Yes, and I nearly wasn't able to prevent it." said Thalia.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, I was not aware of the circumstances," said Ivy.

"I know."

"What other deaths did you see?" asked Ivy.

"Everyone but I don't remember how, I saw your the clearest." said Thalia.

"Would you recognize them if you saw it start to happen?" questioned Ivy.

"yes, but by then it might be too late," Thalia answered.

"But we can't act to much ahead of time, it might cause it," said Ivy thoughtfully.

"We must act just before it happens, we should try to piece it toghther from my memories. I have already prevented Sylvia's death." Thalia explained.

"The Star devil!" exclaimed Ivy, she was starting to understand.

"Yes, I helped Lia with finishing her armor so that the star devil would not win," continued Thalia.

"Because if she won she would have killed Sylvia because of that spell!" finished Ivy.

"Yes, you know I can still see the future." said Thalia.

"What?" cried Ivy.

"Not very far ahead, but I when we were fighting I could see you movements before you made them." Thalia explained.

"I thought it was strange that you were so good," exclaimed Ivy. "I don't know if this is bad or not, but if you start to see the deaths just before they happen then we can act at the right time."

"Yeah, but right now I'm too tired to try and find out all of this lets go so if Sylvia it feeling okay again." murmured Thalia.

"I'm not sure shee will ever feel okay again, but yes and we can explain to the other girls what has happened," said Ivy satisfied.

"I'm not sure we should," answered Thalia cuationly. 

"huh?" asked Ivy confused.

"If they think that they are going to die they might try to prevent it before it happens, and that could be what causes it right?" asked Thalia.

"Okay that makes sense, but we could tell Sylvia. And we should tell them you see the future, but not what you saw, or that they might die."

"Agreed, and as we prevent the deaths we can tell them one by one," said Thalia,

"perfect!" Ivy smiled.

They stepped out of the house, and like usual Ivy found her clothes were not wet at all. Thalia waved her hand and the rain became warm. They walked together over to where the other girls were still waiting.

"Has Saffron managed to calm down Sylvia?" Ivy asked worriedly.

"Not yet, what were you two fighting about?"

"Huh? oh," just at that moment there was commotion at the house in the sky. "I think this can wait," finished Ivy. 

Sylvia and Saffron walked out on to the balcony. Sylvia stood up on to the rail and did a backflip off it. For a second she fell at an alarming speed, then she spread her wings and soared. She spiraled down and landed gently, Saffron just glided down without fancy spins and flips. "I told you flying was fun."

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