A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


4. The not quite unanimous agreement

Notes on Broom

Family name: Leguminosea

Botanical name:  Sarothamnus scoparius

Common name: Scotch Broom, Irish Broom, Broomtops, Besom

Useful parts: Flowering tops and seed
Where its found: Broom is native to British Isles and Europe.

Description: perennial, shrub, 5 cm thick stem, 1-3 meters tall, green shoots with small trifoliate leaves. It flowers are golden yellow in color.

Uses: weak heart and low blood pressure.




Ivy walked over to Plante. Plante was still looking kinda frightened. Ivy hugged her I whispered "I'm sorry" she did not bother to switch to plant. Plante understood human and plant. "Please eat her!" she muttered. It would take a long time for Plante  to feel safe again but it would be okay in the end, Plante would forgive her, and broken trust would mend.

She walked over to the circle as Plante started her gruesome meal. Lia winced as she caught sight of her friend being devoured. She shook her head and turned away, Ivy did not see the tears in her eyes, that Lia as always as careful and quick to hide. Amber raised her eyebrows and turned away as well. unlike Lia she was not particularly sad. Only Lia, Thalia, and Selena really liked her, Sylvia and Amber never quite trusted her. The rest of the girls took one look at the pool of blood coming from the entrails of Mysaren and all turned away. Selena left camp for a moment and threw up. All the girls sat in a semicircle facing away from the plant and the currently being devoured Mysaren.

"So let's talk about what happens now." Ivy started. She was slightly nervous, she just killed someone, it was going to be hard to justify that. She wouldn't be surprised if they killed her without mercy.

"Well obviously you'll stay with us in the safety of the fires," Amber said. All the other girls nodded their agreement. Ivy's eyebrows raised, this is certainly NOT what she had anticipated.

Well, all but one of the girls, "Her plant is eating me friend!" Lia cried. This was more of what Ivy expected, she almost wondered if the other girls were sane.

"So?" Ivy ask coldly. Lia stuttered and stammered. "Look Mysaren is dead, get over it. My plant has got to eat at some point I think you would prefer her to eat something already dead?" Lia just looked at her slack jawed in fear. "I think that's settled then, I'll stay with you girls and offer you my skills for the common good."

The other girls murmured their agreement except for Lia whose mouth was still agape staring at Ivy. Perhaps Ivy thought she had been away from the outside world that things had changed. Was the world so bloody now that friends killed friends? It seemed as if Lia was the only one that cared.

"No absolutely not! She just killed someone! Does no one see a problem with this?" Lia yelled. Unlike Lia Amber was not particularly sad about Mysaren's death. Only Lia, Thalia, and Selena really liked her, Sylvia and Amber never quite trusted her. And when Mysaren was beaten so easily, when supposedly one of The Magicians can only be beat by another magician, Thalia trust was broken. And Selena was so timid she dared not stand on either side.

"Look we live in a harsh world, and we are part of an even harsher battle. As far as I a concerned she impersonated me... Yes, I am The Green Magician, my name is Ivy. As far as I am concerned you do not pretend to be someone in a war unless you have a reason. She could have been spying, she could have been intended to steer us in the wrong direction. Or maybe even kill us. Or maybe she really thought she was a magician, well then she wouldn't have been powerful enough, she would have died or been captured in the first battle. Capture would mean torture and saying everything she knows about us. Long slow excruciating death. If it was an accident I spared her torture and pain, if she was spying, she needed to die." Ivy spoke curtly and harshly.

"Can't we at least bury her instead of letting your plant eat her! Like what if it was just a mistake? It don't seem right to let a plant eat her!" Lia tried to reason.

"The dead that stay dead tell no secrets. Leave her body and she might come back. Anyways, again Plante needs to eat, I'm sure you would rather her eat something dead," Ivy shot back.

"Yeah I suppose so," Lia spoke coldly the venom in her voice was  all too obvious. Ivy knew she had made an enemy that day. Ivy wondered how she had not made an enemy of all of them, after all she just killed one of their friends.

Lia started long and hard at Ivy, Ivy could almost see the thoughts written plainly across her face. There will be blood, and reckoning for this.

Maybe but then again maybe not, you can certainly try. Ivy said silently, but Lia most certainly caught the meaning. Ivy's eyes were as green as the english ivy that was her most favored companion. But to Lia, on that day it seemed they were made of ice.

Facing away from the gory sight of Mysaren they didn't notice as the scrawny girl in tattered street cloths transformed into a beautiful middle aged woman with voluminous robes. Her face coated in makeup to disguise the lines starting to form. She bore a strong resemblance to the queen. So close a resemblance that if they had turned around Lia would have recognized her instantly. But with their back turned the girls didn't notice, and if Plante noticed, they certainly didn't say a thing to Ivy.

"Okay Tomorrow I'll start working on a garden for food. Only the thirteen gods of our seven worlds know how she grew anything here, no dirt." Ivy sighed exasperated.

When Plante was finished Ivy ambled over and took one of her many pouches off her belt and opened it wide. Inside was some dirt. She upended the bag the dirt fell but instead of stopping after just a little while it kept coming and coming until she had a large mound of dirt at her feet. Then she closed the bag and began spreading the dirt out. She started right above the blood, half  to hide it, and half because she considered blood and dead things to be excellent fertilizer.

"What?" Sylvia asked confused as she watched The dirt come from Ivy's bag.

"I enchanted it, no matter how much come out more will keep coming." Ivy explained as she spread the dirt out.

"Oh," was all Sylvia could think to say. Not surprising, making thing go on forever, or bigger in the inside is strong magic, and extremely rare.

Ivy kept spreading the dirt out. Whenever she needed more she simply dropped more out of the bag. Originally she had tried to dig a hole in the already existing ground but found it was a glassy surface and she could not penetrate it. She wondered how anything survived here, and how anything grew that is if there were plants at all in this barren.

She started to spread the dirt many feet deep all around the camp, but she didn't not get anywhere close to done and by then it was night and all the girls were mentally and physically exhausted. Even so Ivy had a very hard time sleeping on the hard glass like surface. The other girls however seemed accustomed to it. 

In the morning Ivy slipped off to the far side of the very small camp. It was very hard to get privacy in the small camp, but she sat down in front of the pools of water. "What are you doing Ivy?" she murmured softly to herself. "Among other people? You should be far away looking for an escape so that you can get your revenge. You're a loner by choice, you always have been, what are you doing here among The Magicians? So what if you The Green Magician? You owe them nothing! They can do without you!" Ivy got up, and sighed, loner by choice or not, she had the best chance of getting home if she stuck with these girls.

In one corner Ivy took out her pouch of seeds and planted them in what she called a circular garden. She planted the trees on the outside then inside of that ring she planted bushes, then vines, then lastly herbs.

She made a pathway that twisted and turned so that once the plants grew up if you walked all the way in you could not not see the fire or the rest of the camp.

Then she planted another tree which she used some of her power to grow up immediately. Then she sat and meditated and said sorry to the tree before having Amber use a tendril of  fire to cut it down quickly. Over several days they cut up that tree to make tents like structures for the five girls.

Ivy slept inside her garden. Every night she used a little power to grow those plants a little more first she grew the trees so when she went there at night she couldn't see the fire or the other girls, next the she grew edible plants and the girls started a diet of mostly berries, of course there were herbs and green leave and roots as well, but Ivy especially liked berries because you could take them without killing the plant. And so they had a vegetarian diet. Lia complained incessantly about this, and while they other girls did not complain Ivy could tell that Thalia and Amber missed meat as well, but Selena and Sylvia could care not less. Ivy was frustrated but she realized so would have to have meat eventually.

So once all of the plants were grown up she took out a couple of figurines. A chipmunk, a squirrel, a bird, a worm, a mouse, and Fish for the creeks Thalia created. She even had what she called a miniature deer, an animal that looked just like a deer but its full size was one foot tall. Of course she had many other animals, those where just a few of the hundreds she picked to bring to life. One by one she took those little figurines in the palm of her hand, then slowly she breathed life into them. Those animals mostly stayed within the garden but sometimes one would poke its head out.

Once there was a sufficient population they started to have meat as well as berries, leaves, roots, and seeds. Life improved a lot, the 5 girls had their homes, and Ivy had a tree in the middle of her little garden that she slept under. Lia stopped complaining about not having meat, and Thalia and Amber were in much higher spirits. Ivy even decided to bring a cat to life and it slept next to her every day. It helped a lot in the capture of these animals.

Eventually each one of the girls start to accumulate one of the animals. Ivy had her cat, Amber had her bird, Thalia got a blue penguin after asking Ivy, Selena got a squirrel, Sylvia had a chipmunk, and much to Ivy's disgust Lia got a miniature deer. These animals left the garden at once and were next to never seen without their owner/friends. Life began to seem peaceful, it settled into a routine It was scary at first to be with other people, especially in this other land, but then it seemed nice. All the girls were tough and they took it philosophically, none of them were shrinking violets. They were not like other people, each one had a long history with magic, and a dark relationship with pain. they would mourn a while, but in the end they would get back on their feet because they had to.

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