A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


6. The girl chained and alone

Family Name: Turneraceae

Botanical Name(s): Turnera Aphrodisiaca

Popular Name: Damiana, Mizibcoc, Turnera Diffusa

Parts Used: Leaves. 

Habitat: unknown

Description: small shrub, smooth pale green, underneath glabrous, with a few hairs on the veins, with two small glands at base, yellow flowers, smells aromatic, tastes bitterish, aromatic and resinous. 

Uses: Depression
Impotence/infertility (male)




Ivy woke with a soft blanket warm spread over her. Thalia was leaning against the tree watching her. "So you're awake," she mused.

"Do you alway state the obvious?" Ivy asked.

"Often," Thalia replied. Ivy sensed and smile lurking behind her face.

"Do you always answer rhetorical questions?" Ivy sensed this was a game.

"More often than not," Thalia smiled like this was a private joke.

"Why are you always looking out for me? Its more than just I'm helping you stay alive isn't it?" Ivy asked.

"You're an excellent judge of character," Thalia smiled. "It's because you remind me of someone I used to know. Someone who was very dear to me. Someone I haven't seen in a very long time."

"Oh, who?"

"My boyfriend," Thalia said. She crawled over and sat just across from Ivy. "He died, a caravan ran him over, And once I angered an old witch and she cursed me, said I would never fall in love again, unless I did something worthy with my life. So I started slaying dragons to protect villages, saving maidens protecting the innocent. But no matter how much I did I never fell in love. I'm afraid that he was the only person I could ever love, and that even if  I break the  witches curse I will never fall in love." Thalia sighed her eyes cast down. Slowly she raised her gaze to look Ivy in the eyes. Ivy blinked slowly, and took both of Thalia's hands in her own.

"I love you, even if you can't love me, you remind me of my sister she died when I was 11."

'Oh," Thalia Looked into her eyes, Ivy read the unspoken message there "I love you to," Ivy kissed Thalia slowly. Thalias lips were like water, soft and cool.

They broke away when they heard a commotion in camp. Thalia leapt to her feet and helped Ivy up. Ivy wobbled a little unsteadily, then straightened up.

"Can we?" started Thalia.

"Not tell anyone about this? Ivy finished for her. Thalia smiled and nodded.

"Do you alway finished other peoples sentences?" she asked.

"Most of the time," Ivy said they smiled and left the garden to see what all the commotion was about.

"Halt!" they heard Amber's voice call out. They ran to the outskirts of camp Ivy notice that Amber had set up fires going around the circle twenty paces away and ten paces apart each. That way you could see outside the camp. Just inside those fire was a girl, The was dressed as a typical girl adventurer. A puffy white shirt, and a corset, puffy pants and tall straight leather boots, and a cloak. But she had one very distinguishing feature. Her skin was black, and she had stark white hair. As well as pointed ears and chains around her slender wrists. Her face was angular and sharp, she had high cheek bones, and they set off her violet eyes, she was beautiful, but in a dangerous way. She was rugged with tears in her shirt and scars on her face, she had a wild look to her that belied her calm face. Her hair was very straight but it looked like the wind was blowing it into the air. 

"A drow," muttered Ivy under her breath. "Interesting," Then to Amber she said, "Let her in, lets see what she wants. I do not think she is here to attack us."

"Come in , and keep your hands above your head." Amber shouted to the girl. She nodded her understanding and walked up to us. When she came in to the inner circle Amber searched her for weapons. Amber nodded grudgingly, "Sit down. Tell us why you are here."

"I always believed that it was my destiny to be one of The Magicians, So I travelled the world, learned magic, fought beasts to help villages, even joined a magic guild called Tale of Wind, Then one day I met  a dark magician he offered me a wish, I wished for magical abilities and strength. So  he gave them to me but he took my heart and transformed me into this," Lia rolled her eyes. The girl sighed, it was obvious she caught Lia's exasperated look. She stood up, and suddenly seemed very powerful. Then great wings spread out from her back. Huge bat wings with claws at the end. They looked thin and soft, but the wingspan was huge, and it was obvious that they were designed for flight, and despite their thinness they looked sturdy.

"Sit down, and fold up your wings," Ivy said calmly.

"Why, aren't you scared of me?" The girl said startled.

"No, I'm confident in my abilities, anyways I know what you are, and figured you'd like to know," Ivy stated.

"Oh, yes please," The girl said a little too quickly. Ivy could tell she was frightened.

"When you first showed up I thought you were a drow, as our world has elves so does this one, except the elves here are corrupt and dark. Dark elves, or the slang term drow. But I couldn't explain your chains so as you were telling your life story, I sifted through my memories of the lore I had heard of The Land of the Heartless, and came up with a couple of answers, when you showed us your wings, I connected it with a demonic race called the damon. Damon are fair skinned and beautiful females with chains on their wrist, along with great bat wings. But occasionally a damon will breed with a drow and that child is called a dark damon, for their skin and drow abilities. They have all the advantages of damons, and all of the advantages of drow, but none of the disadvantages of either. The black magician stuck to his promise of making you powerful." Ivy explained.

"Oh, so what happens now?" The girl asked fearfully.

"I think that's fairly obvious," Lia and Ivy said at the same time. "Ye leave right now or we kill ye," Lia said. "You stay with us," Finished Ivy.

"Oh come on ye can't be serious." Lia said irritably, and and at the same time Ivy was saying almost exactly the same thing.

"She's dangerous she could stab us in the back at night with our own weapons, but she has no weapon own so she can't help us fight. And none of us have weapons t'spare. " Lia shouted.

"I do," said Sylvia. Taking out one of her 13 knives to hand to the  girl.

"Other than Sylvia!" Lia shouted

"I don't have a weapon," Ivy shot back.

"Then ye should leave to!" Lia replied. Ivy grimaced she had walked right into that one.

"Are you kidding? I'm the one who gives you food! You need me to live!" Ivy screamed. She took a moment to compose herself before continuing. "What does that teach you about the use of people without weapons. They often have other uses and magic."

"Anyways who to say I'm without a weapon?" The girl said.

"Huh?" all of the magicians said simultaneously.

"Fight me," she says to Lia, "I'll prove to you I'm not useless."

"Yer on," Lia says smirking.

Something seemed not quite right about the girl. She was about to fight someone, and she had no weapon, her opponent had a magic riffle. Yet she was calm. Ivy could feel ancient magic stirring inside the girl. But somehow Ivy knew she was not going use it in the battle she wanted prove a point, so she would not use magic.

She balled up her fists. Lias eyes widened "Ye going to fight me with yer fists, well this will be easy, if ye don't mind I will use me rifle cause that is what creature of this realms power level would be like!" She cocked her gun.

"On three, one, two, three." Ivy called. Before Lia could shoot, the girl swung her fist. But instead of going out like she would have if she intended to hit Lia. She kept it close near her body. However the heavy chain on her wrist swung around and hit Lia square in the chest. It lifted her off her feet, and she would have been pushed into the fire but another chain wrapped around her wrist a jerked her back, and dropped her at the girls feet. The girl put one booted heel on the riffle.

"Well I think its settled," mused Ivy.

Ivy started to walk to her garden but Thalia caught up to her. "I need to ask a question," She said.

"Go ahead what troubles you?" Ivy asked.

"People say That only a magician can beat another magician. How was out newest edition able to beat Lia. We have already found all the magicians there are no more of us out there, just normal magicians, none like us. She should not be able to beat any of us." Thalia said, she looked worried, and her brow was furrowed.

"Wrong. No other magicians in our land can beat us in single combat. Numbers can over power us, The Black Magician can beat us. And no creatures from our land can beat us, thing work differently here. They don't follow our rules, Animals from here can beat us, nothing works they way we think it should. They don't care if we think we should be able to beat them. Why should they?" Ivy sighed.

"Oh, thats not good, that means the creatures here can kill and hurt us?" Thalia asked.

"You hit the jousting lance right on the chest plate, it sad but even we have thing to fear here. I wish life were so simple as nothing can kill us but even back home that isn't true. We have more to fear than we know," Ivy sighed. Unfortunately she did know exactly what to fear, she knew of the monsters and the perils that lay beyond their small enclosure. And the the camp was a prison, a safe prison, and if they left it they might die.

"Wow I never thought of it that way and it isn't good." Thalia murmured.

Ivy looked away from her friends face. She didn't Want Thalia to see the doubt in her eyes. Because to Ivy it  was crystal clear that they had and only a flipped coins chance of survival. It landed on heads and they would die. It landed on tails and they would accomplish what they set out to do. It landed on its edge and they would save the world and survive to tell their tales of adventure. The two close friends walked in silence, until they reached the edge of the garden. Ivy turned to Thalia, "W-w-would you like to s-stay with me tonight?" Ivy stuterded.

"S-sure," Thalia stumbled over the single word, and suddenly Ivy felt like laughing. The walked into the garden holding hands. And from where she rested by the fire Sylvia smiled a secret smile.

"Can we take things very slowly? I haven't been around people for years Thalia." Ivy said.

"We can try to take it as slowly as you want," Thalia said gently. "But things rarely go to plan. I asked my boyfriend the same thing. But we were already in bed together by the second week." Thalia smiled a sad smile.

"Oh," Ivy hesitated. "I want you to know that I'm not trying to take your boyfriends place. He will always have a special place in your heart, and I know that. I want you to love me because of who I am, not because I remind you of him."

"I know, but just saying if you wanted to take it slowly inviting me into your bedroom was not the first step." Thalia smiled and so did Ivy.

"Maybe just maybe we might survive this, and if we do you totally need to come to my kingdom, you'll love it." Ivy smiled, and decided it was okay if they didn't take it slowly, after all they might not Live to see year into the future.

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