A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


11. Nightmares

At some point she fell asleep, she did not realize it, but when she woke her head rested on the book. The sunlight filtered through the leaves and shone on her face. Ivy stood up and smiled, it was obviously going to be a beautiful day.

"Hello Ivy," Ivy turned around, and on a log her sister sat with a maleficent grin on her face.

"You are a coward, Ivy you couldn't save us, and now you have the nerve to live? You disgust me!" Ivy screamed and backed up. When she screamed her sister disappeared.

Ivy woke up, still screaming. She managed to get herself somewhat under control, but she was still unable to stop her unrelentless sobbing. It her worst fear, the fear that her sister hated her for living while she could not.

Ivy shook her head "Its not real, Its not real, she wouldn't do that, its just a dream, just a dream." she whispered to herself. But like always, she could not quite convince herself. She knew that sometimes when someone died they became hateful and their personality changed. If her sis was a ghost it was possible that she did indeed hate Ivy. Unbeknownst to Ivy this fear really derived from the fact that when Ivy had left the camp running her sister was still just barely alive. Sometimes in dark moments she wondered in she had stopped and helped her sister that perhaps the forest could have saved her. At more reasonable moments she knew that her sister had been stabbed through the heart, and that wound would have been to much for even the forest, and that if she had stopped for even one moment that she would have been caught and killed.

Standing up she decided to bake a cake to take her mind off of the horrible dream. She had not baked in a long time and she missed it. She half skipped and half sprinted outside to the vegetable patch. As she was running she tripped and fell flat on her face. The soil was soft and warm, as well as slightly moist, so Ivy just stood up and dusted herself off before taking off at full speed again. When she reached the gardens she frowned She didn't have nearly enough space. With the huge amount that the camp had been expanded there was plenty of space for a  larger garden. But she hadn't started expanding yet. However that could wait for later, and she grabbed the plants she needed to start. "Wheat, sugar, cocoa, salt," She muttered under her breath.

Awhile back, Ivy had taken some clay out of her never ending bag of soil. That same bag would create any type of soil she could possibly want. She had molded and baked the clay into a nice mixing bowl. She ground all the flour and dumped some goat milk butter into the bowl, then added her sugar. She mixed it all together and began to put in coca into the bowl before realizing she didn't have a rising ingredient. She bit her lip then crack an extra egg into the bowl "It will be fine," she told herself. She managed to get through the rest of the mixing processes without a problem. Although the batter seemed a bit runny "It'll turn out fine." she said.

She stuck the whole bowl in the fire to cook. She started to do some other stuff and when she came back the top was a little over hard, but other than that it looked fine. She let it cool down before taking a knife to cut into it. Licking her lips she smiled, she hadn't eaten cake in a long time and she missed it. The knife bit into the cake and batter spurted out everywhere. Ivy grimaced and wiped sticky chocolate cake batter off her cheek. She poked the hard top and frowned suspiciously. The top seemed hard enough, but Ivy pushed harder and the batter kind of exploded and went everywhere, the hard crust completely submerged under uncooked batter. Ivy just looked at the bubbling mass that was supposed to be her cake and blinked twice before throwing her head into her hand. "Lets try this again," she groaned.

By the fifth time Ivy had managed to bake a reasonable cake, and she brought it out for breakfast. As always she brought her sewing, she was almost finished and she figured that she would probably finnish it today. Luckily it had avoided the cake batter explosions, and Ivy's nimble fingers once again flew at their work. She smiled as the girls marveled at the perfect puffy cake, none of them knew it had taken her so long to get it right. She had always been a good baker, baking since the young age of three, and she was anxious to regain her former skill.

That day Ivy was assigned to Saffron to strengthen her magic. They worked hard. Late at night Ivy had been practicing the spells in the fascinating book and she used some of them. Despite not being one of the magicians, Saffron was still the most powerful of them all, and she beat Ivy without trouble. But when the fought without magic Ivy was the winner. A gypsy's life is a hard one and Ivy had to learn to fight or be constantly beaten up. Even still she often came home with a black eye and bruises. Her mother would just sigh and shake her head them get out the vinegar and dap it on the bruises. To Ivy in seemed the vinegar hurt as much as the fight itself, but it did heal the bruises faster.

With her fists she could beat any single opponent, the problems happened when she had four or five people trying to attack her at once. Even then she tended to beat the hell out of them, but she usually came back with a few reminders of the back alleyways. So when Saffron and Ivy stopped using magic Ivy won easily with a quick, but sturdy punch to Saffrons jaw. It was a little while before Saffron woke up. The next time Ivy did the almost same thing a high kick meant to quickly and and painlessly end the fight, but that time Saffron caught Ivy's ankle. That was the exact wrong move to make, and Ivy jumped off of her standing leg and wrenched her body around so that her leg slammed it into the other side of Saffrons face. As she fell unconscious Saffron release her grip on Ivy's ankle and Ivy spun away landing in a crouch then went into roll to prevent damage to her ligaments. Her fighting instinct full aroused, she spun around in case her opponent was not yet down, but there was to be no more fight and Ivy had won yet again.

That night after the rumors spread she went against every girl in the camp. She beat them each easily. Either they ended up unconscious or Ivy put them in a hard lock. The only two she had trouble with were Sylvia, and Thalia, Thalia was  a warrior through and through, so she studied all types of fighting. But a soldier will live or die by their weapon skills and Thalia's chosen weapon was the sword, not her fists and in the end she was sprawled on the floor with Ivy standing above her. Sylvia had practiced fighting with her fists for fun, and then later fighting in an arena, but Ivy had learned by fighting for her life, so her training and instincts were superior.

There was a dreadful roar and all the girls dropped to their knees with their hands over ears. They stood up and ran outside, there was a huge beast, just like the Draget but much bigger towing over the camp. Thalia flinched and collapsed onto one knee with pain, her eyes screwed shut. her hands were over her ears, and Ivy wondered if there was some frequency that Thalia was hearing that he rest of them could not. thalia regained her feet and shook her head seemingly okay.

"That's a dragon." Ivy said looking back from her friend to the frightful creature.

"I figured," replied Amber.

"Fire is ineffectual, we need you to control its fire though," Ivy said to Amber, dragging old memory and things she had read in the book up to the surface. "Water, make sure its cold though," she said to Thalia. "I need you on the defence Selena, push people out of the way with your wind if they are about to get hit, also use your snow to attack it. Saffron if you know any dragon killing spells be my guest to use them. Other than that just try to help Amber, Selena, and Thalia wherever you can. Same for you Lia. I'm going to try and restrict its movements a bit." All the girls nodded agreement and spread out. The dragon opened its mouth to breathe its deadly fire. The fire had just left its mouth when Amber shut it off. Immediately Ivy's vines curled around its legs and muzzle. Trying to pin it to the ground, vines grew up its legs and around the body in a strong net. The dragon reared up on its hind legs ripping the vines apart. Pursing her lips Ivy tried a different tactic, she used strangler vines to try and choke it. Again it ripped through the vines like simple thread.

Then the hideous beast turned on the minor nuisance and managed to get ahold of her whip. It flung the helpless girl against one of the houses by dragging her with the tail end of the vine. Ivy heard something crack and one of her ribs broke. But that was not to be the last of Ivy's problems, the huge and cruelly tail slammed into her as she stood. It flung her several feet and to the pushed her into the unyielding ground. Ivy stood up and ran, unable to control her fear.

"Ivy, get behind one of the houses, find cover!" Saffron yelled. Ivy ducked behind one of the houses just as it's armored paw slammed into the house and crumpled it completely.
"Like we practised," Thalia called to Selena. Ivy turned her head with a question on her lips. but instead took use of the time to find shelter among the debris.

"D'accord" Selena nodded. A strong gust of wind blew Thalia into the air. Saffron spread her wings and caught Thalia and swept her up to the dragon's neck. Then she dropped her off and glided out of the way and Thalia's sword sang a deadly song and the great beast's head was severed from its neck.

"How?" asked Ivy. All of her bewilderment was contain in that single word. She was feeling dazed and her crumpled rib was drowning her in pain.

The red blood dripped off Thalia's sword and she stared into the distance. "This is not the first dragon I have killed," she said slowly. Then she left, she had the look of someone lost in the past. As she left Ivy heard her mumble, "I had hoped to never again enter the ranks of dragon killers. I had hoped that "Sapphire Rain, killer of dragons" was a girl of the long past."

"This is not the only monster that we have faced since you left. You missed many things when you left," said Amber.

All the girls left quickly and Ivy wondered what had happen that was so horrible. And once again she was left alone. Ivy walked to the dragon and put her hand on its flank, then she crumpled to the ground. The pain was unimaginable and she knew at least one rib was broken, she looked and her ankle was twisted and swollen. She laid down on the ground and could not get up. She thought perhaps that one of her lungs was punctured, and she did not feel like she was getting enough air. Her body hurt and she closed her eyes trying to shut out the pain, but instead she just faded away.

In the morning the girls found her stretched out it agony. She was completely unconscious, and they thought they had lost her. Even once Thalia exhausted all her magic power she was unable to fix the ribs and ankle. She focused most of her energy on the lung. Ivy was out for several weeks. Every time Thalia had enough magic she would try a healing spell, in the meantime she put the ankle back into position and bound it tight with cloth. Saffron also seemed to know how to heal but even with the combined efforts of the two of them it was still touch and go, and they did not know if she would survive. It was obviously not just broken bones and a torn lung, but a sickness in her body. But Ivy was strong and healthy and eventually she woke up. Still it was several weeks more weeks after she finally woke up, before Ivy could walk. Within in that time the girls fought several monsters. Ivy hated sitting out those fights and she hated feeling incompetent.

When she asked Thalia why and when the started having so much attention. Thalia's eyes went hard. "It started right after you left, about when we expanded the camp again. I guess we are to inconspicuous." Ivy nodded and wondered if Thalia blamed her for the increased attacks.

By the time she was back on her feet the attacks had died down again. The dragons body had been moved outside the camp, but Amber had skinned it and was working on a armor from it. Ivy sometimes saw Thalia working on her draget skin armor. However she was completely surprised when she saw Sylvia in her armor. It was dark purple and it turned invisible on Sylvais command. It was made of the scales of a Mysterywisp. The Mysterywisp was a rare monster that could turn invisible, they had no smell and left no footprint. They were incredibly hard to catch. ivy was impressed that they girls had brought one down. She had yet to see Lia or Saffron's armor, but she did not have long to wait.

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