A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


20. memories and ordeals

The girls tried to explain everything to Lia, but nothing would jog her memory. They gave as detailed accounts as they could, but nothing would help. They waited over night, but in the morning she still had not recovered her memories. It seemed she had total amnesia. The girls began to despair. 

Several days and still nothing, except a friendship with Ivy. When they told the detailed account of what happened with Mysaren. Lia totally took Ivy's side, and congratulated her for disposing of the interloper. They became fast friends and were barely seen without each other and Thalia. They formed a gang and the three of them became best friends. Ivy started to see what it could have been like if Mysaren had not been Lia's best friend. 

Ivy started to miss the friendship they could have had, but didn't. Thirteen days past and Lia began to remember some stuff back in time, but not as far up in time as the magicians. It was an entire two months before she remembered everything. The day she remembered Mysaren her temporary peace and friendship with Ivy ended. They became indifferent and cold with each other again, but they were a little friendlier than before, but friendship was over, and Ivy missed it.

Eventually she remembered everything, but it shook the girls. If it happened once, what was there to stop it from happening again? What was there to stop it from happening to any one of them?

They also had to get used to Selena, the quiet unspoken girl was very different now. Bold and outspoken, she flinched at nothing, also an extremely powerful magician, and an expert flier. she could skim the water, and make sharp turns within an inch precision. She could also do drop flights, like winging her self hing into the air, then letting herself drop until she nearly hit the ground, then extending her wings so she soared up high at the last second. She was daring and adventurous, even a bit reckless. Her power matched that of Saffron's.

None of the girls except for Selena could best Saffron in a battle with magic. Ivy was still trying to figure that out, Saffron was not one of the magicians, yet she continued to best them each time. Even with Selena it was a flip of a coin to see who would win. Selena was expert with her quarter staff, and it spun in bewildering patterns that confused the eye. The staff was pure white ivory and highly magical. Saffron still did not fight with a weapon, but the chains of her wrist were like an extension of her body. They did whatever she commanded, they would get longer, or shorter, thinner or thicker. There  was more than one occasion when Saffron and Selena fought that the heavy chain would slam into the staff, sending it flying out of Selena's hands.  Saffron and Selena became very good friends, but they couldn't be more different.

Selena would often tackle a monster all by herself just to hone her skills. There was often a slight breeze in the camp now that Selena had a surplus of magic, and Ivy started to remember what it was like before she got to The Land of the Heartless. She had been reading the book a lot, and she still was nowhere near finished, but one of the things she had learned was the The Land of the Heartless was really named Poison Realm.

Ivy felt a little odd when she realized that the camp had more humanoids than humans. The realization that half the camp were the children of the prison realm, and one angel, but only three humans was very unsettling.

They were laughing at dinner when Ivy realized that and she frowned momentarily while she thought it over. She tuned out the conversation as she turned the thought over in her mind.

"I'm going to leave," that statement pierced her thought process and brought her back to the conversation. It was Sylvia talking, and she look serous and adamant.

"What?" Ivy asked startled.

"Dragon said that she went to the Lamias for help, with the wounds she had she couldn't have gone far before finding us!" Sylvia said excitedly.

"Did you not get the part where they raped her?" Ivy asked incredulously.

"I'm one of them," Sylvia explained, "They won't harm me, but they might be able to help me learn how to control my powers better." Sylvia sometimes had trouble transforming, half of the time she would end up with the opposite of what she was looking for. 

Ivy realized she was right, and biting her lip, said no more. All of the girls put up a token of resistance, only Thalia remained silent, in the end it was decided she would leave in three days. Those three days seemed to pass incredibly quickly, and on the evening of the third day Sylvia set off. Just before she left Ivy handed her a magical book. "What ever you write in here will appear in this one," Ivy explained holding up an identical book, "Make sure to keep us informed."

Sylvia was strong and healthy, unlike Dragon had been, so it only took a few hours before she saw the bright lights of what she knew would be the lamia camp. She turned her legs into her purple and silver tail and continued moving towards the camp. It took her forever to learn how to move with a tail and no legs but had finally got the hang of it and now she moved with efficiency. It was not long before she reached the settlement.

She took a deep breath and slithers inside, she hoped there were outsiders a lot and her appearance would not be strange. She moved down what speared to be something like an obsidian cobble stone street. Then she came out into a market, it seemed huge, and it seemed to be packed with lamias. She moved quickly between them, looking at what was being sold.

there was a wide variety, food, water, weapons, spells, and snakes appeared to be sold as pets.There was also shed skin, lamias shed their tail skin every once in a while and it was often used as cloth in the lamia society.

"Hello!" a lamia girl siad.

"H-hello?" said Sylvia nervously.

The girl caught sight of Sylvia's tail. She caught her breath, "You have a purple tail! I don't know of anyone with a purple tail, can I touch it?" she reached towards it as if mesmerized. Sylvia blinked out of sight and jumped back.

"Huh?" the lamia asked startled. Sylvia blinked back into sight cautiously. "That's a cool trick!" The Lamia siad excited. "Its Mystery Wisp armor isn't it? Did you kill it, or did you buy the skin from some one? I know only the person who makes the armor can make it invisible so you must have made it yourself, it's beautiful workmanship!"

"Thanks," siad Sylvia, "I killed it myself,"

"I defiantly don't know you," The lamia siad definitively, "You aren't from around here are you?" the girl asked. she had a dark blue tail and blue hair, she also had a very revealing blue top made from what looked as it were her own snake skin. Her breasts nearly spilled out of the shirt and it made Sylvia appalled and slightly sick. The lamia was of no great beauty judging by lamia standards, but she was incredibly stunning compared to human women.

"Yeah not from around here," said Sylvia, internally laughing at how much of an understatement that was.

"You must  be more of a wilderness girl, come on I'll show you around!"

The lamia grabbed her hand and scurried quickly thought the crowd to a clothing booth. "What is your favorite color?" the lamia asked.

"Purple," replied Sylvia.

"Something else!" The lamia shook her head.

"Blue?" Sylvia tried.

The lamia nodded and began rapid chatter with merchant. Then she picked up several garments and beckoned Sylvia to the back of the tent. Behind the tent there was a smaller cloth tent and the lamia dragged Sylvia inside. Then she thrust the pile of cloths into Sylvia's hands "Here try these one, your armor is nice and all, but now that you are out of the wild you won't need constant protection so you might need some more everyday clothes."

Sylvia cautiously took off the armor and put on a scaly blue shirt. the shirt seemed designed to ascent her curves and make her chest look bigger. The skin must have come from a very young lamia and the scales were small, making the garment soft and supple. The lamia nodded, "Good, that one will work, now this one!"

They went through a whole pile of cloth, every once in awhile the lamia would go out and grab some more and give back others. Everyone that Sylvia tried one she felt like it was way to revealing, but the lamia seemed to think the most revealing ones were the best, and she often returned the ones that Sylvia liked the most. The last one the lamia gave her was extremely soft and it was purple, it was very obviously not made from shed skins.

"What is it?" Sylvia asked.

"The silk of a Shrine ripper," the lamia explained. Sylvia looked at her blankly. "You don't know Shrine rippers? Wow you really are from very far away, Shrine rippers are the women with the body of a spider."

"Oh those," Sylvia nodded, feinting understanding, "we call them spinners."

"That makes sense," laughed the lamia.

"By the way what is your name?" Sylvia asked.

"Merse," replied the lamia. Sylvia nodded and slipped the blouse. As soon as it was on sylvia knew it was a perfect fit. She heard the in take of breath from Merse. The cloth was the softest thing she had every felt.

"Its perfect," Sylvia breathed.
Merse nodded, "It could be a bit more revealing, but for you it works, not for anyone else, but it complements you beautifully. You were right, purple is your color. Okay pick your seven favorites, and then we will go pay for them. You're not from a city, so I suppose you don't have any money."

Wordlessly Sylvia shook her head, up until now she hadn't even thought of how she was planning to pay for them.

"That's fine, as soon as you have a molt those purple scales of yours will make unbelievably easy to support yourself!" Merse said enthusiastically.

Sylvia nodded and began to pick out her favorites, there was a blue and green patch work sewn together so that you could see the heavy embroidery thread, and another that was red and blue. The rest of them were mostly just plain red and blue, then of course she took the purple one. Then she put back on her armor, she felt much better and much safer with in on. Then they went back and Merse haggled a bit over the price and then handed over a couple of coins.

"Come on, lets go to my house," Merse said. They went down a back alley way and were talking when two lamias stepped out of the shadows.

"Well, well, if it isn't Merse," the one with a red tail said. Merse gasped and bit her lip worriedly.

"Look, she has a friend," sneered the green tailed one.

"I didn't think it was possible!" replied the red one, both of them laughed. Sylvia felt her temper start to bubble up.

"Where are you off to, going to go have sex with this new friends of yours because you don't have a boyfriend?" asked the green one nastily. Sylvia couldn't take it anymore.

"Shut...Up," she said in a low menacing tone.

"It speaks," laughed red.

Sylvia's tail split into two legs and horns broke through the surface of her skull and grew and the fallen angel wings sprouted from her shoulder blades. Her lips curved up into a malevolent smile. The red lamia cowered and began to kneel. Hesitantly she stuttered,"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry, w-w-we d-d-din't know, I," 

Sylvia cut her off with a sharp and precise uppercut to her jaw. The force behind the blow lifted the kneeling girl off the floor. Then Sylvia  kicked her tail so the she landed on her stomach on the ground. It took precisely 6.62 seconds. The red lamia fell to the ground laid sprawling and completely unconscious.

The green lamia was slightly smarter and knew no amount of submission and begging for mercy would get her out of what was coming. She instead swung a punch at Sylvia, Sylvia dodged easily and blinked out of sight and appeared again behind the frantic lamia. Sylvia shook her head pityingly then hit her temple with the heel of her hand knocking her out. That took exactly 7.35 seconds.

Both lamias were down for the count completely out cold. "They won't wake up for a while," noted Sylvia dusting off her hands. The entire ordeal took exactly 13.97 seconds.

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