A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


13. in the black where the sirens sing

"You win," laughed Sylvia, she had a smile on her face, but Ivy could see the underlying sadness. Beneath that smile was a sadness that could never go away. No amount a flying could ever solve that fact that she was no longer human. Sylvia smiled and folded up her wings. "Look what I can do!" she said. Her legs molded together and scales began to form, then overlap, in seconds half of her body was like that of a snake's. The skin and scales were dark purple with a few silver scales like stars on a dark night. Then then the tail molded back into legs. "What do you think?" Sylvia asked excitedly. Lia fainted.

Ivy sighed and put her face in her hands "Will she ever learn? Well I think its interesting!" I looked up and smiled.

"I think it looks useful." said Thalia.

"Very useful," agreed Amber. "Okay Ivy so what were you to fighting about again?

"Well," began Ivy, "Thalia looked into the eyes of a scorpion bolt. And now she can see the future, but its very dangerous to look into its eyes because it can show you horrible thing, so bad that it can kill you."

"So thats why Ivy was screaming at me." finished Thalia. They smiled at each other, they were both reminded of the night they fell in love. "do you always finnish other people's sentences?"

"I guess that makes sense. I think we should take the rest of the day off, after all today has been a pretty traumatic day so far," suggested Saffron.

"Definitely! Lets have a feast!" said Amber, enthusiastic as always.

"But first we need to wake up sleepy head here," said Ivy pointing to Lia.

Sylvia sighed "Why is she always the one to end up unconscious?" 

Ivy laughed, "I don't know maybe its a certain condition, or perhaps she's just faint of heart, but she would not like to miss the feast!"

Thalia sighed then she waved her hand and a bubble of water appeared above Lia's head, then she waved her hand again and the bubble fell and splashed on Lia's face. She sat up gasping. "What the?" she panted.

Thalia winced, "Sorry!"

"Oh I fainted again didn't I?" she sighed. "Did you kill the monster? I feel like it was another star devil, but it had a snake tail, didn't it?."

"Actually that was Sylvia, she got turned into a star devil, and no we did not kill her," said Thalia.

"Oh heaven and hell," Lia cursed startled. "Oh... I remember. I'm sorry Sylvia, that must be hard."

"Its okay, or at least it will be okay!" said Sylvia confidently.

"But, we are going to have a feast tonight!" smiled Amber.

"Oh, okay!" Lia said dazed.

"Well if you guys don't mind, can I steal Saffron to help me with learning this new magic?" asked Sylvia tentatively.

"Totally, we are taking the rest of the day off for you, so you should go have fun!" said Ivy forcefully.

"I appreciate it," Sylvia said, then she and Saffron took off into the sky. Thalia went outside the camp to cut off a large chunk of the dragon. Whens she came back, she set it up on the roasting spit. Ivy started another cake, luckily, this time she had a written down recipe that she could follow, and a set of directions. She got together a large bowl of leafy greens and other vegetables, she tossed them together to make a salad. Then she cooked a bunch of raspberries down into raspberry preserve. She also made a few different types of juice and got some goat milk. She also used the goat milk to make goat cheese and ice cream. Thalia made a puffy white bread loaf to go with the roasted dragon, and she also cut off some of the meat to make a stew. It was hours before the food was done, but it was worth it.

"Thanks Ivy, your cooking is supreme, as always," said Sylvia.

"Your welcome! How are you feeling?' asked Ivy.

"Actually great. You know me and Saffron discovered this!" She stood and her horns shrunk and so did her wings. Her great horns were only an inch now, and her wings barely over six inches. She looked almost completely human. She sat down and let the wings and horns grow again, "And flying feels amazing. It will take awhile to get used to not being human, but in the end it will be fine, maybe even better!"

Ivy smiled she was surprised at how well Sylvia was taking this. "Well I think," A loud but sweet voice started to sing. "A siren, these thing always have to happen when we are eating!" Ivy said exasperated. "lets go see our new guest."

"Listen children to a story
long and slow and long and sad
its the story of a people
long suppressed by one lone man

this land is beautiful
as you will come to know in days that pass
but we suffer under the reign of a man dressed in black

he has a heart but it does him no good
as he rules us with terror
and so we asked our mistress to help
but no help could she give us

but one piece of advice that we have followed
every letter every word
she told us to find you
beg your help and give you the gifts that you have earned
that you have earned" sang the sweet and melodic voice. When the girls came in sight of singer she was a beautiful girl sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream. "So will you help us?" the siren asked. She stood up and walked across the water. Her feet made ripples on the surface, but did not sink below it.

"Depends,"said Ivy coldly. "Who is the man dressed in black? Are you planning to harm us? And what do you want us to do?"

"We call him The Man In Black, we do not know his name. No, I am here bearing gifts to help you. We want you to overthrow and kill him," said the siren.

Kill?" siad Selena a bit shocked.

"Fine, we will help." nodded Ivy. Somewhere in her mind warning bells began to ring why was she agreeing so fast? Selena was looking at her a bit horrified, the look her her eyes siad everything. "You are will it kill someone?" It asked

"Thank you, our mistress told us you would," the siren said sincerely.

"I have met your mistress, and I found her kind and generous, she gave me a gift, for that I owe it to her to help you," said Ivy seriously. She remembered the girl that had appeared in her camp that day, surely if she was the one telling the siren to come, it would be okay.

"As I said, I come with gifts," said the siren. She turned to Thalia ,"You are the water magician, correct?"

"Yes, my name is Thalia," she said warily.

"Good, my gift is for you," The siren walked over to Thalia and placed her hands on Thalia shoulders. Thalia started to grow blue. 

Ivy tried to lunge forward but her feet were stuck to the floor. "Damn, I was so stupid, siren's are known for their persuasive powers!" Ivy uttered angrily, she was angry at the siren, but most of all she was angry at herself for not realizing it sooner, Selena had realized it, but she had not "THALIA!" Ivy screamed. The whole camp was swallowed up in blue light. Then it cleared like mist on a sunny day and Ivy could move again. 

The siren still had her hands on Thalia's shoulders, but Thalia seemed completely unharmed. "You are a human now, but a siren whenever you wish to be." The siren explained. She let go of Thalia's shoulders and sat down by the bank of one many streams. She slid into the water and her legs merged together as black scales appeared shaping her legs into a majestic black fish tale. 

She swam to the opposite bank and she pulled herself out of the water her legs appeared again as she stood. "So far you've killed almost all of the people we've sent, no surprise there, after all animals can't talk, and they were mostly there so that you could beat them and become stronger, you weren't really supposed to kill them, oops. We were hoping that Ivy would try to make a connection with them, but I seemed to be the only one to realized that Ivy does not know dragonic or any of the other languages of this land, and that they would get carried away and try and kill you, oh well. Any ways you have begun to make magical armor from their skin, and that will be very useful. And well star devils have no tack at all, my guess is she attacked you, no tact whatsoever. You need a siren for that, we can't be persuasive without tact. Star devils are hopeless, they prefer a fight to anything else. The only people that survived contact with you was the dark damon's. They were the ones to turn Saffron into a dark damon. Well I must take my leave. And Thalia, do come visit some time." She started to walk away.

"Wait, what is your name?" called Thalia.

"My name is Black Waters, but my friends tend to call me Black." said the siren, she did not stop waking or turn around. "Goodbye," Then a large wave appeared right in front of her it crashed over her and rushed towards the girls. The wave was huge and it fill the entire camp like a thirty foot wall. There was no where to go, Ivy just put her hands in front of her face and turned away the wave crashed over Ivy almost knocking her over and drenching her entirely. She had her eyes screwed shut and it was several seconds before she dared open them. To her astonishment the camp was not destroyed or even wet looking, the fires were still burning fine, but the siren was gone, and in her place was the song of receding laughter. 

Ivy sighed, as well as persuasive, sirens were known as tricksters. "Well that's that," she said as she turned towards Thalia. Thalia was lying on the ground with a large blue fish tail. She had her hands crossed in front of her face, Ivy just blinked, she had no words. "What happened? Where is she?" Thalia asked. She looked down and put her face back in her hands, "Oh great, just what we needed." 

Ivy sighed, "I'll be right back, I'll try and get something to dry you off with. You are a siren now, so you should be able to change on command, but that might take some time to learn, for now there is a cruder way of change you back, and that is drying you off." she went back to the garden and changed into her new clothes. Then she brought out her old dress with her. When she got back to the place Thalia was sitting next to the fire, and using her water powers to lift the water off of her skin, but it was slow going. Ivy shook her head and rubbed her down with the cotton cloth. "Focus on your hair, I don't think I can dry it off with the cotton, so try to use your powers to do that, then we should go finish our feast." Thalia nodded and Ivy felt her hair slowly getting dryer. Amber turned up the heat on the fires and when Thalia was completely dry she turned slowly back into a human.

The girls got up and walked back over to the feast they were having, like the rest of the camp the food had suffered no damage and was not even soggy. The girls laughed and finished all of the food, but there was an air of tenseness and anticipation, and Ivy was almost glad when it was all over. 

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