A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


3. fire, warmth, and death

"There are six girls, they are called The Magicians. There is The White Magician, The Red Magician, The Yellow Magician, The Blue Magician, The Purple Magician, and The Green Magician.

The White Magician uses a beautiful staff, it has many beautiful runes inscribed into it. The white magician is the wind that blow upon the snow and the mountains."

The Red magician is a fire Magi, she uses a spear of great power. Her fire powers are amazing it is said that she could light a fire in the land of the heartless. She is the fire that rages in this the forest.

We know very little about The Yellow Magician, in fact all we know about her, is that she uses a rifle. We do not even know her element.

The blue magician is a soldier. We know quite a bit about her. We know that she uses a sword and heals fast. She is loyal, and can heal her allies. And she has been cursed she will never find love. She is the water that bubbles from a mountain spring. 

The Purple Magician we also know a lot about she uses a set of throwing knives. She can slow down time. She is determined, but sad and pessimistic. She is the night sky that stretches across the seven layers of our world.

Then there is The Green Magician, we know the most about her. We know she was born a common birth, but anger at the king made her bitter. She wraps people up with her vines and arrows. She carries a recurve bow, it looks completely ordinary at first glance, but if you look close you  can see faint engravings of ivy wrapping around the bow. And if you look closer still you can see the string of the bow is made of an ivy vine. She has flaming red hair and is sometimes people mistake her for The Red Magician. This infuriates her. She has a quick temper and blood on her hands to prove it. She prefers animals and plant to humans, and is a little reserved. She is the plants and the beasts, she is life itself," said her father.

"Wow!" Ivy sighed. Not matter how much she learned of the magicians she could not feel it was enough. She learned all of the songs with them in it and composed her own about them. She made dances about them and put it into her gypsy acts. The songs and music she played was inspiring, the dances beautiful, they always earned a couple of extra coins in her pouch. Then, with dreams of magic and magicians she turned over and went to sleep.


"Stop here," she said to the plant. It stopped, she could sense that it was puzzled with her reaction to seeing it or lack of. "I'm sorry," she whispered. She made a note to greet it with enthusiasm when she could. She swung off of the giant leaf she was sitting on. She forced a small encouraging smile, and tried to laugh, but found it was far too much effort.

She walked into the circle of light "Hello?" she tried.

"Hello," a girl said. She smiled. Then shivered, "We need to get out of here!" she muttered to herself.

"Hello," Ivy replied. She tried to smile but she just couldn't.

"Come near the fire, it will help," the girl said. "My name is Amber." The girl had a long spear and she was leaning on it. She had red hair that looked as if the wind was blowing through it although the air was still.

Ivy walked over to the blazing fire. Some of her emotions came flooding back, enough to make her smile. Six girls were sitting around the fire. Ivy looked around and her mouth gaped a little. She could identify almost all of them as being the Magicians. 

One of them was carrying a long bow covered in zodiac signs. Her hair was a light pink. The bow was a green color. She was tall but not so slim. And she had a smug look on her face. Ivy looked at her thoughtfully, she supposed that that was The Green Magician. But that's not what the stories described her as. She was deep in conversation with someone Ivy could only suppose was the yellow Magician.

There seemed to be groups of people of Ivy wandered over to a group of two people. She could easily tell that they were the Blue and Purple Magicians. "Hello," she said.

The girl in blue smiled, "Hello," She smiled. She was wearing silver armor with a blueish shine. She had no helmet, and she had chin length curly blue hair. Next to her lay a huge broadsword. Her friend had white blue and purple straight hair, it completely covered the right side of her face. Then in back reached all the way to her knees, and at the bottoms in curled up. Ivy supposed the top was straight because the hair was so heavy it pulled the rest of the hair straight. She wore a girdle covered in throwing knives. Ivy tried to smile but her emotions had begun fading again. The smile on the blue girls face disappeared "Let's move closer to the fire." The girl with the belt made of throwing knifes picked her up. Ivy tried to protest, but she didn't have the energy.

"Hey Amber, this one hasn't shaken it off yet," Called the girl carrying her.

"What? God dammit I should have noticed." The fiery girl cursed. "Bring her over here right now!" Ivy started shivering uncontrollably, but she couldn't imagine why, it wasn't cold was it? Or maybe it was she couldn't be sure. Then she felt warmth spread over her, she closed her suddenly heavy eyelids and went to sleep.

Ivy woke up with feeling of warmth and emotion, maybe not as much as usually but it was still there. "Ugh," she groaned.

Instantly two girls were helping her sit up. "Are you okay?" the girl with the blue hair asked.

"I think so," Ivy replied a little blearily. All  the girls rushed into the circle. Ivy could now see that Amber, The Red Magician, had managed to enclose the camp in flames except for one gap that they could get in and out of. There were another four fires right around her. The other girls looked relieved to see her feeling better, except for the girl with the pink hair. She looked annoyed. Ivy pursed her lips. She really didn't like that girl. All the girls seemed to carry the weapons that were in the stories.

"Here, let us introduce ourselves. I am Sylvia, The Purple Magician," the girl in purple said. her girdle was covered in beautiful steel knives with thick iron hilts.

"You already know my name, I am The Red Magician," Amber said. Ivy nodded. She had figured as much.

"My name is Thalia," the girl in blue said. She had a strong accent that Ivy could quite identify. "I am The Blue Magician." Ivy realized her accent was Russian. Her broadsword was massive and Ivy could see now that it would be a two handed weapon. AS far as Ivy could tell is was made of magically reinforced metalglass the strongest substance known. It was certainly a very beautiful and sharp blade.

"My name is Selena, I am The White Magician," a girl in a white flowing white dress and corset said. Her skin was white, her eyes were icy blue. She had pale lips. But her hair was the deepest of black. It was a striking contrast. She held a beautiful quarter staff, and it looked as if she knew how to use it.

"I'm Lia, The Yellow Magician," the girl had a silver rifle said. She had stunningly blue eyes and pale lips. She had short hair in back and a few long curls in the front. She had a beautiful smile on her face. She had a dark gray shirt with plenty of  her skin showing and tall black leather boots going up to her thighs and a short skirt. On her breast so wore the mark of one of the prostitution guilds.

That left the girl with the short pink hair. She was biting her nails. Ivy frowned slightly. She knew this girl was not a Magician. Ivy wondered whether she would claim to be one. "My name is Mysaren Theodore," She had a shaky voice. Ivy thought she smelled like folkslore smoke. You could take this common plant, roll it up into a tight cylinder and bind it with string. Then you could light it and it smelled strong and was addictive, as well as illegal for a person under 20. This girl looked to be about 17.

"I am The Green Magician," the girl continued.

Ivy jumped up and attacked her. "You are not The Green Magician. How dare you impersonate her?"

Mysaren jumped back and laid an arrow on the string. Her bow began to glow green. Then deciding that it was useless, she tossed it to one side. She unwrapped  a vine from around her waist and threw it at Ivy. She hissed "SshhhH" the plant word for "kill". Ivy touched her necklace and formed a connection with the plant. 

"Shh hh wisp whoosh," she whispered. In English it meant, "She is not your master, neither am I, I am your friend." In any case the plant changed its course and wrapped loosely around her wrist instead of choking her throat.

The tattoo ivy on her left hand seemed to come alive. She aimed what seemed like a punch, but she was much too far away for it to connect with the girl's skin. Instead, as her arm was extended fully, the ivy tattoo seemed to peel off her skin. It hurled at the girl and knocked her backwards off her feet. Ivy jumped on her and used the girls own ivy vine to strangle the poor unsuspecting child. Ivy watched as the life slowly drained out of the girl. The other girls were in too much shock to intervene. They looked on is surprise as a gentle, seemingly delicate girl choked the life out of an obviously experienced kid that had definitely been in many fights. They watched aghast as the girl finally fell limp in Ivy's arms.

"Plante, you can come in now," she called. Then instantly Ivy dropped to the ground shivering. She was aware of a bitter cold sensation, she wondered how she didn't feel it before. She felt a strong urge to get the magicians out of there.

"Come near the fire it will help." Amber said soothingly. She helped her near the fire. "You finally shook of the effects of losing your heart. It will take a little while, but the cold will become bearable. You will adjust to life here, it just takes a little while,"

"How long have you been here?," Ivy asked. Something in Amber's voice told her it had been a very long time.

"Never mind that," Amber said quietly.

"How long?" Ivy asked fearfully, she had the feeling she would not like the answer.

"Months, I was the first to get here." Amer looked sad.

"How did you survive? Food and water?" Ivy bubbled.

"I barely survived, I came here built my fire and sat wasting away. I called on my magic to sustain me as much as possible, and I brought some food, so I was dying but I was dying slowly. Then Thalia came, she was on a quest when she got sent here so she had food and supplies. We had plenty of water and slowly people kept coming, we were still extremely short on food. Of course it helps that none of us actually need to eat so long as we have plenty of our element around, but it need to not be the stuff we make ourselves. Like I can't live off the fires I make. Of course once Myrsaren came we had food. But we don't need to talk of this now, come closer to the fire it will help," Amber sighed.

"We want to help her?!" Lia said incredulously. The smile and friendly attitude were gone as with they never had been. "Mysaren was my friend... What in the seven layers of ah world is that!?" She was staring at the place the fire separated.

"Hello," Ivy said in plant, then switching to human she explained that that was her pet. Lia went white. Sylvia and Thalia looked delighted. Amber looked impressed. Selena seemed torn between being impressed and delighted or scared and frightened. Mysaren looked dead.

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