A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


17. Fall

"Hello?" A loud voice rang out all over the camp, "It there anyone here?" Ivy slipped on her armor with the ease of long practise. Then she ran out to meet the newcomer.

The girl stood in the middle on the camp,Ivy wondered how she got past the all of the defences. It was an elf, she wore a beautiful silver and gold lace work armor, she held a staff with a blue fire on the end and little blue sparks danced around her. Behind her fluttered a gold and black cloak.Two small dragon horns, or perhaps a draget's horns, on her shoulders were evidence that she knew how to protect herself. She also wore a crystal headpiece, it was sort of like a crown, but her hair was swept up into it, and to hold it together two double headed arrows were stuck through it.

"So people do live here, I am not the only one to survive," The Elf murmured barely loud enough to hear. Ivy got a good look at her and saw blood caked on her hands, and the dark blue tunic was stain dark on her stomach. "I would like to ask for some help." The elf said uncertainly, all the girls were there, and she looked a little nervous, as if she was afraid that they might be monsters. "I was wondering If I could have some supplies, and rest here until I am strong enough to continue."

Amber and Ivy looked at each other ,"Sure," said Ivy.

"I, Thank you," said the girl, "I think I might need medical attention." 

Thalia and Ivy were at her side in a instant. Ivy put up and hand to the girls stomach. "Sticky," Ivy said. "She's still losing blood, and it might get infected. The girl went totally limp, and only Thalia's hands around her shoulders held her up. They laid her down on the ground. Ivy unfastened the armor, and unbuttoned the indigo shirt. As she suspected underneath the shirt her skin was covered in blood, and a long and deep wound was still oozing blood. Thalia used a tendril of lukewarm water to clean off the dried blood and wash out the wound. Then she lay the flat of her sword across the wound and used the strange ancient language to heal the girl the best she could. The wound mostly closed up, but the girl had already lost a lot of blood, and the damage was done. "I don't know if she will survive," Ivy whispered to Thalia as they worked.

"Until she dies or we know she will not live, I will remain hopeful," Thalia whispered back.

Ivy did not bother to answer and kept working will all the healing herbs she had, she even tried some of her stronger potions. It would be several hours before she would be able to tell if the girl would survive. In the end, several hours later the girl woke up. It took the combined efforts of Ivy and Thalia to keep her alive, but they did it in the end.

The girl was barely lucid when she woke up, but Ivy was able to figure out her name. It was Dragon Willow. The girl had strong magic of her own, and she was recovering quickly. Ivy put her back to sleep for the rest of the day, the more the girl rested the quicker she would recover, by now Ivy was sure that she would recover. Over the next few days Dragon Willow woke up every once in a while. Sometimes she was lucid, most times she was not, she was often heard asking for a girl named Saber Flame. Ivy suspected that whoever Saber Flame was that she was long dead. 

As a week passed the girl became increasingly lucid, and was able to stay awake for increasing amounts of time. She told them of being sent here with two of her friends, Blade Song, and Saber Flame. "Blade Song was captured by dragons, and Saber Flame was eventually dragged off by a selkie. I went to the Lamias for help, bad mistake, I knew their reputation of raping men, but I did not think the would harm me since I am a girl, but they just saw me as a rare treat, While escaping I received grievous wounds, I knew I needed help, and I saw you from a distance, you're kinda hard to miss, so I came here and desperately hoped that you would turn out to be friendly."

Ivy nodded, "So how long are you planning to stay? You can stay for as long as you want, or at least until we find a way out of here."

Dragon Willow Nodded thoughtfully, "I might just take you up on that, but I will definitely stay until I'm all healed, and a bit longer to learn from you how to survive out there."

"We are just learning that ourselves," said Saffron.

"Then we can learn together," laughed the girl. Then she grimaced as the laughing hurt her still tender wounds. 

Over the next few days she began to work with the girls on fighting and they discovered many things about her. Her staff was multipurpose, it bent to whatever form she wished. Sometimes it became a broadsword, or two semitars, maybe a bow, even silver shield. If she was disarmed, she could call it back to her hand. If one of the other girls got it a long broadsword would turn into a silver ball in their hands. When it was cast aside as useless it would return to her hand. If she turned in into a bow the two crystal arrows in her headpiece flew straight and true.

She was given a guest cabin  and she ate with the girls and fought with them and laughed with them until it seemed she was one of them. But she was not, and as all things come to an end so would her time with them. 

"Hello, is there anyone here?" called a ragged voice. The girls ran out to meet the new person. It was an elf, she was bloody and torn up.

"Saber Flame?" Asked Dragon Willow.

"Dragon? So you're alive, that comforts me greatly." Then the tall elven figure fell over. Saffron, Thalia, and Ivy were all at her side as fast as they could be, but Dragon was faster. She was holding the fallen girl when the three girls got there. Ivy ripped off the girls clothes without regard to if the cloth got torn. The girl was roughed up badly and Thalia cleaned her off then began healing. The blood was still flowing fast out of many wounds, and Dragon cradling the hurt girl was not helping. Selena with ever gentle hands lifted her Dragon off and comforted her.

Saffron was constantly performing minor healing spells, Ivy was applying herbs in higher dosages than she had ever before, and Thalia was quickly using up all the magic she had. Constantly healing as much as she could. When Ivy ran out of herbs, healing spells, and healing potions, she stepped back. Saffron was quickly running out of magic and the girl was barely getting better. When all the girls used up their magic they stepped back and allowed Dragon Willow to return to her friends side.

"She is going to die," said Ivy.

"Yes," said Thalia.

"You're not going to try and stay optimistic?" Ivy asked Flatly.

"No, she has no chance, staying optimistic and believing she will get better is just asking for a broken heart." answered Thalia.

Ivy went numb, "She is going to die," her heartrate speed up.

"Ivy?" asked Thalia.

"She going to die." Ivy started to shake, "I can't watch another person die!" her voice rose in pitch.

"Ivy, are you okay?" asked thalia.

"She is going to die," sobbed Ivy.

"Ivy get ahold of yourself!" cried Thalia. Ivy's breathing became ragged and it sped up. "She's have a panic attack," breathed Thalia, "Oh she's having a panic attack."

Ivy started to hyperventilate. Hurriedly Selena blew a spell at Ivy. It hit Ivy and her eyes widened for a second then she fell over, asleep. "A sleep spell," explained Selena.

Dragon screamed. All the girls turned around,Thalia felt Saber Flame, no pulse. "Oh no," she breathed.

"SABER FLAME!" Dragon wailed to the sky. Saffron looked closer and she saw Azrael with the girl in her arms. There were tears on Azrael's face, and once again Saffron remembered that Azrael hated taking lives. Azrael with the limp girl held in her arms slowly disappeared. Saffron mouthed the words "Somewhere in time I will find you again."

"Oh no," Thalia cried.

"She's dead?" asked Selena. Lia fainted.

Saber Flame was laid across Dragons lap, and Dragon threw herself across her friend and her body was racked with sobs. Selena blew another sleep spell at Dragon and instantly the sobbing girl was asleep. Sylvia gently lifted the sleeping girl off her eternally sleeping friend.

Amber began to build a raft. The three sleeping girls began wake up. Ivy woke up first, when she saw the raft she broke into tears, "She died, shes dead!" Then she started sobbing, Thalia rocked her gently until she stopped crying.

Then Lia woke up with her normal blurriness, she knew someone had died but she wasn't sure who it was, she thought maybe it was Dragon, and that made her sad, everyone liked the sweet and spunky girl. But once she remembered she bit her lip and wondered if Dragon was going to be okay.

Then Dragon woke up, and she started  to sob, but Selena was able to calm her down a bit. They held the funeral, the heartbroken group set the raft with Saber Flame's body on it in the middle of a pool that Thalia created. Then Amber set it alight and Selena created a light snowfall. When it had burned long enough Lia sent a bolt of thunder down from the sky, and it hit the raft. Selena played and sang slow songs of grief and sadness, then Ivy dance the grief song once. And the funeral ended. 

Dragon was heartbroken, Ivy heard her telling Selena that to have here thought to be dead was bad enough, but to find her again only to watch her die once more was worse, much worse. She started fighting the monsters with them, her desire for vengeance outmatched any skill or magic. Two weeks after her friends died in her arms Dragon got up and unexpectedly said that she was going to leave.

"What?" asked Ivy surprised.

"This place will always remind me of Saber Flame, it make me too depressed, I need to leave," explained Dragon.

"Stay one more week," said Amber, "that way we can send you off with sufficient supplies." It was obvious that Amber had expected this and had been waiting for this moment for a while.

"Okay," Dragon agreed. 

All the girls made preparations, Sylvia sewed magic into Dragon's cloak so that it would turn invisible. Amber infused her armor with fire magic so that it would keep her warm, and resistant heat damage. Ivy made a leather pouch, she sewed it with magic thread so it was bigger on the inside, she filled in with all the food supplies they had that wouldn't go bad. She stuffed it as full as she possible could.

Thalia gave her a glass bottle of water that would never grow empty. Saffron, a healing potion that she could use once a day. Selena infused here armor with cold magic, so if she got too hot the armor would cool her down, it also made her resistant to any type of cold atack.

Lia gave her something called the gift of prophecies. The ability to prophesy the future, but not remember what she said. When Ivy asked where she had learned such a powerful spell. Lia replied, that her sister taught her it a long time ago. Saffron's eyes widened in surprise, but she caught herself quickly and composed her features back to her normal calm and stoic exterior.

Dragon thanked them, and Lia offered to walk with her for awhile. The offer was met with a smile, and the two set off. They set off in a similar direction to the one that Saffron had taken. The two friends walked all day, only stopping every once in a while to eat. Lia was wearing her armor and the riffle dangled casually at her side, upon seeing her armor, no monster dared attack.

"I must go on alone," said Dragon once they had spent several days walking. Lia nodded and sat down and watched Dragon until she had been swallowed by the shadows. 

Then she stood and said, "You can come out now. I don't know who you are but who have been following me and Dragon ever since Saber Flame died and I have felt your presence before then to. Whenever one of us is in dire condition you are always there."

"Correction, I have been following you."

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